Putting Your CD Slot to Use With the Satechi CD Slot Mount

 the Satechi CD Slot Mount

The Satechi CD slot mount is something worth buying. It’s not brand new, but it’s practically the only product of this kind. The slot mount costs $16.99 on Amazon. CD mounts are not something you’d usually think of buying for your car, but if your CD slot is almost always unused, then this is something that would totally work well for you.


How It Works

The Satechi CD slot mount is plugged into the CD slot of your car. It’s easily movable and does not block important stuff such as the AC vents. It’s not ideal to use for people who has a regular use for their CD slot, because it would only cause hassle. But since a lot of people are barely using the CD slot, then this accessory is great.


The Satechi CD slot mount is shipped with three rubber pads, all of which have different thickness so you can adjust depending on your needs. It has a rotatable clamp that holds your phone in place, and it can expand out so that larger phones can also be accommodated – even those up to 5.5 inches wide. The clamp and the swivel can both be rotated by 360 degrees, so you can use it no matter what your preference it, be it portrait or landscape orientation. It also allows you to avoid glare, and the passenger can also use the device without needing to remove it from the slot mount.


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The Satechi CD slot mount is around four times larger than the Airframe+. Both the base and the clamp are bigger than Kenu’s product, so it’s not very portable. This is not really problematic if you’ll just leave it at the glove compartment, but at the same time it could also take up space that may be used for other accessories such as a pencil pouch. It’s more portable than a windshield, but it’s not so portable for someone who are switching between vehicles.




The accessory, however, has a few downsides, though these are of course based on the user’s preference. For instance, the slot mount can block some important stuff such as the clock and radio controls. This will greatly depend on your vehicle, so for some it may be problematic, while for others it will be located just fine, without blocking anything.


All in all, the Satechi CD slot mount is something that you should buy. It’s definitely useful because it’s easily accessible and gives you a better view than an AC mount. It’s not a perfect fit for all vehicles, but it’s generally good and gives your much-neglected CD player some use.


There are, of course, other options like Caseology which looks a lot like Satechi’s CD slot mount. Mountek also offers this kind of product, but these costs around $20. Satechi sells the product at a lower price, and it gets the job done.


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