Dbrand skins are a Good Way to Suit up Your Phone

Dbrand skins

Dbrand recently provided a 25% discount for its skins, and it opened up a perfect opportunity to make Android phones look much more exciting. The Nexus 6 – an utterly boring phone in terms of design – was used for this review, and after using some sleek and ugly design combos, I’ve come to the conclusion that Dbrand skins are on top of the game. Quality. The skins are all meticulously done and cut to perfection, which makes it quite impressive.


The Nexus 6, for one, has a rather hard-to-copy logo at the back, but Dbrand’s skin got it just right. Aside from the high-quality cut and creation, the skins are also very easy to apply.





Dbrand skins





Dbrand offers variety in its style options. The X-only option is a sleek and minimalistic design that it has come to be a personal favorite because it looks good no matter which angle you look it. The texture of the skins are also superb. There’s no bad thing to say about Dbrand skins.


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