Closer Look At Sprint Motorola Photon 4G

Motorola Photon 4G

Motorola has dropped yet another enticing; this 4.5 inch black slab smart phone with dual core processor. It seems to be much lighter than the other smart phones. Let us take a closer look at this phone and see what does it has to offer? If we compare Motorola photon 4G with HTC Thunderbolt then 4G photon is almost of the same size. However it is a bit thinner and taller than thunderbolt. Like we have said over the course of time that thinner and taller phones make a difference and entice the customers more.

Know more about your Motorola Photon 4G

  • Outlook:


  1. It has a 4.3 inch screen and the screen is made of gorilla glass which protects it from serious damages and fall.
  2. The usually present home, menu back and search buttons are also included with a headset port and a front camera present at the top.
  3. The front camera has not been hidden it is actually very visible with a silver ring around it.
  4. The corners of the phones have been sliced off making it look more like a HTC device. However the front and back of the phone are not very eye catching. But the sides will definitely catch your eyes.
  5. Mostly phones like HTC follow the concave style where the glass gently curves up to the lip however photon 4G has taken a different path and chose a convex style giving it a slight 3d look.
  6. There is also one more feature which is the microphone that is located beneath the home menu and search button which is a great thing. Motorola has proven to have a great eye for details.
  1. The right bezel of the phone carries the volume control which can help you in setting up the volume according to your need.
  2. The left bezel has a USB port and MICROSD card slot.
  3. This phone has paid great attention towards the detail, the buttons are made of plastic and the sides of the phones are made of plastic which is shiny and glossy.


  1. There is a metal kick stand at the back of the phone which can be opened easily by sliding your fingernail. This kickstand can give your phone a desktop look by switching to the desktop mode. Also you can continue on working with the same usual home mode.
  1. The back of the phone is but crowded with the Motorola logo and stenciled sprint in the bottom of the phone. It equipped with a 8 MP camera and HD video imprinted beside it.
  2. The battery cover of photon 4G is made up of soft glossy plastic.


Internal features:

  1. When the battery cover is removed we can easily see the 1650mAh battery power protected by a flap.
  2. There is no MicroSD card here so you ar dependent on the phones storage. However, it will support around 32 GB.
  1. There is a NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor used in the system performing the duties of both the processor and graphic processor.
  2. It also has a 1GB RAM which is basically for the Motorola web top application. Which gives you the access to connect your computer to either laptop. Also to connect computer dock to make it look more like a computer.
  3. The software is almost same as that of the Droid 3 however Motorola modified few of the things making it more appealing.
  4. The CRT blink effect has also returned to the device.
  1. The UI we experienced in Droid 3 is no more available in Motorola Photon 4G.

Motorola Photon 4G Apps

Here is the list of few apps that are the part of this smartphone starting off with

  • Rich Location which serves as an exchange app of Google Places.
  • Sprint Mobile Wallet
  • Sprint Worldwide
  • WebTop connector.
  • Sprint ID.

This is it for now about Motorola Photon 4G it is a swift phone with loads and loads of amazing features. If you have any queries or comments kindly write to us in the comment box below.


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