An Overview of Sony Xperia Active

Sony Xperia Active Review

Sony Xperia Active is the perfect phone for those who live an outdoor life; it fulfills a large number of requirements for people belonging to that market. So you can read on for a full review.

Sony Xperia Active


The description of Sony Xperia Active includes:

  • 1GHz processor
  • Android 2.3operating system
  • 512MB RAM, 1GB of internal storage coupled with an expansion slot for external memory
  • 92mm length; 55mm width as well as 5mm thickness
  • A display of 0-inch together with 320 x 480 pixels display resolution
  • It weighs 8g
  • Price of $250


  • The new Sony Xperia Active has a stocky and stout design but the build of this handset is solid.
  • Moreover, Sony has been designing the Xperia Active to endure harsh times.
  • The handset is dust resistant and water resistant.
  • Furthermore, the front and back of the chassis are black with an orange and white trimming along the edges.
  • On the bottom edge of the handset, there are connectors for USB and Headphone. The rubber covers comes to protect them.
  • Also there is a double back plate for extra protections against the rough environment.
  • You can remove the first back plate to reveal a second back plate which is there to protect the SIM, microSD card, and battery.
  • The 16.5mm thickness makes the handset a little plump.
  • In addition, for all the plumpness and protection the phone weighing only 110.8g. As a result, the phone isn’t really heavy.
  • There are three touch-sensitive buttons below the screen for Home, Menu coupled with Back functions.
  • The lanyard hole on the bottom edge is very annoying as it interferes with a lot of things.




  • Measuring only 3 inches, as a result, the display screen is little cramped.
  • The colours are sharp.
  • Typing and video viewing experiences are not good due to the cramped screen.
  • With 320 x 480 pixels the display resolution is not very good either.


  • The 5megapixel camera at the back gives average snapshots.
  • You can record videos at 720p.
  • There is no secondary camera.


  • With 1GHz processor, the performance is lag free for common tasks.

Memory & Battery

  • Xperia Active comes with 1GB of built-in storage of which only 320MB is available to the user.
  • The handset has tried to redeem it’s mistake by providing a 2GB microSD card.
  • You can’t expect too much from the 1200mAh battery which is a real letdown. Considering this is supposed to be an outdoor phone, the battery ought to be powerful. It will get you through the day but some of the apps are just a drain on power.


  • The touch is great; the screen is responsive even under wet and sweaty hands.
  • Xperia active supports ANT+ which can absorb heart rate through third party equipment, so heart rate monitoring is very easy.
  • It include some apps like WalkMate and iMapMyFITNESS.
  • Xperia active offers four shortcut home screens.
  • The four corner icons on the home screen give access to 16 app shortcut.
  • The handset comes with headphones which have play/pause as well as track skip function.
  • Xperia actively comes with an armband so the handset can be used on runs.


Finally, a lot of specifications have been put in this handset to meet the outdoor needs. If you are an outdoor person and can accept a few compromises then Sony Xperia Active is the handset for you.


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