An Overview of LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X is The World’s 1st Dual Core SmartPhone


Dual core smartphones are finally here and LG is the first to cross that line but, is it really worth the wait?? To find out, read the review.


The description of LG Optimus 2X includes:

  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
  • Android 2.2 operating system
  • 512MB RAM, 8GB ROM and an expansion slot for external memory
  • 4mm length; 64.2mm width and 9.9mm thickness
  • A display of 0  inches and 480 x 800pixels display resolution
  • It weighs 148g
  • Price of £441.60


  • The build of LG Optimus is simple and dull.
  • The edges are slightly curved.
  • Comfortable for the hands.
  • On the top edge, there is a power button, headphone jack and an HDMI port (an HDMI cable is also provided with the handset.).
  • On the downside, Optimus 2X sure does feel heavy in the pocket.
  • There is a slot for microSIM and microSD card beneath the back plate.


Camera & Audio

  • There is a 1.3MP camera at the front.
  • An 8MP camera sits at the back.
  • HD video recording of 1080p is possible through the back camera.
  • It also offers features of geo-tagging, face/smile detection and LED Flash.
  • The audio quality is pretty good because of the twin speakers along the bottom edge of the chassis.


  • The display is bright and crisp with 0 inches of screen and 480 x 800pixels display resolution.
  • Video viewing experience is excellent.
  • Owing to the large screen the keyboard is fun and easy to use, even in portrait mode it does not feel cramped. One letdown is the fact that the keys have single functions; you will have to use the shift and second function key to reaching the punctuations which are really annoying.



  • With NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor and 512 RAM, the performance of LG Optimus 2X is like a sweet dream. There are no lags at all.
  • The response is super quick and fast. Even the 1080p video runs smoothly.
  • Opening and using heavy apps is speedy.
  • Optimus 2X runs on Android 2.2 operating system, instead of Android 2.3, but we are sure the upgraded version will run on Android 2.3 which will be really useful.

Apps & features

  • The notification area offers access to GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speaker and lockout screen.
  • A lot of apps have been already installed on the device, wastage of space actually.
  • There is also an app advisor, which suggests apps that you might like and regularly updates them; it might be useful for those who don’t want to browse the entire app market.

Memory & Battery

  • The is 8GB of built-in storage of which only 5GB is available for use, as lots of apps have already been placed in the handset.
  • There is also a slot for external memory.
  • With all the power consumption the 1500mAh battery sure does struggle to make it through the day. It will need and afternoon top.

LG Optimus 2X: The Verdict

Overall the design of the phone is dull, nothing new there, while the performance is super fast, Optimus 2X offers a lot of features  and a little expensive but the processor is really worth the price.

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