A review of the Doogee Dagger DG550

Last updated: August 3, 2020.

Doogee Dagger DG550 Review

The phone brand Doogee is doing well on China’s wholesale websites. In this review, we look at one of their models, the Doogee Dagger DG550.
The Doogee Dagger DG550 costs about $166 but it is an octa-core smartphone that features a 5.5 inch screen, 13 MP camera and on-board storage of 16 GB. In this review we take a look at just how well it performs and support those features.
• The Doogee Dagger DG550 is a sleekly designed phone.
• The body of the DG550 has metal-colored sides and the rest is covered in a matter, rubber-like plastic.
• The front of the phone has the display and the small, silver-colored earpiece grill.
• The bottom of the front is where you’ll find three capacitive keys: Home, menu and back. The home key has a blue dash while the menu key has three short lines, these light up when pressed.
A1 (1)
• The top of the phone has a micro USB port as well as a headphone jack.
• The right side of the phone is where you’ll find the power button.
• The left side of the phone is where you’ll find volume controls.
• The bottom edge of the phone has a port for a microphone and is also where the two speaker grills are place.
• The back cover is a easy-grip matte plastic. The cover curves slightly at the edges but the middle portion remains flat.
• Photo A2
• The camera protrudes slightly so the device doesn’t lay completely flat.
• The dimensions of the phone are 153 x 76 x 9 mm and it weighs 180 grams.
• The Doogee Dagger DG550 comes in black.
• The Doogee Dagger DG550 uses a MediaTek MTK6594 processor that clocks at 1.7 GHz. This is an octa-core processor and uses Gortex-A7.
• The processor is backed up by an ARM Mali-450 MP GPU.
• The Doggee Dagger DG550 has an AnTuTu score of 27419.
• Tested with Epic Citadel, the DG550 scores a frame rate of 60.7 fps in High Performance mode. It scores 56.3 fps when tested in High Quality mode.
• The GPS and compass functions perform well.
• The DG550 has 16GB of internal storage and a microSD slot that allows you to bring this up to 32GB
• The Doogee Dagger DG550 has a 2600 mAh battery unit.
• We tested it in a variety of scenarios to get a better idea of battery life
o 3D gaming: 2.5 hours
o Movie: 4 hours
o YouTube videos: 4 hours.
o Call test:
 On 3G: 16 hours
 On 2G: A little longer.
• All in all, the battery life s a little disappointing.

• The Doogee Dagger DG550 has a 13 MP rear-camera and a 3 MP front-camera
• The cameras perfrom well, taking photos that are bright and vibrant with good color balance.
• The camera app has face detection, panorama mode, continuous shooting and HDR.
• The Doogee Dagger DG550 has the standard connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 2G GSM as well as 3G
• The DG550 has a dual SIM and can support 3G on 850 and 2100 MHz.
• Unfortunately 3G won’t work in the US, but you should be able to make standard GSM calls.
• The Doogee Dagger DG550 should work in most places in Asia, South America and Europe
• The Doogee Dagger DG550 uses Android 4.2.9, a Android version that has yet to be officially released or could be custom built for this phone. The functions are similar to Android 4.2 and there should be no compatibility issues.
• The launcher is a bit different, it looks like a stock Android one but the icon pack is different. You can install a replacement launcher easily by downloading from the Google Play Store if it bothers you.
• There are power saving settings which you can use to define different power profiles. You can define which components should be on or off to save power. You can also define super power saving which will kick-in automatically when battery levels drop a certain level.
• You get Apps permissions in this phones security settings. This allows you to set which apps can make calls, send SMS, get location, etc.
• There are some pre-installed apps which include Docs to Go, Go Keyboard and back up and restore.
• Google Play is available and you get full access to Google’s apps.
The Doogee Dagger DG550 can be picked up from Gearbest. All in all, the DG550 has a nice processor package and offers a pretty good display. It also has a good amount of internal storage. It’s the battery however, which is this devices weak point.
What do you think about the Doogee Dagger DG550?

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