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Maluuba App Review

Google Now was an extremely helpful voice assistant – so much so that the presence of other assistants is thought of as unnecessary. But the thing is, the functionality of Google Now is a bit limited. For instance, it cannot set up calendar events, which, in the opinion of a lot of people, is actually a necessity. So this is disappointing because having a voice command feature for making calendar events is a definite must have.

So for this particular issue, Maluuba is a third-party voice assistant that has more features than what Google Now can currently offer. First and foremost, it lets you set up the much-desired calendar events. Here are some points regarding Maluuba:

Maluuba App

The good points:

  • It is capable of a lot of things. Maluuba can let you create calendar events through voice command, and you may also sync it to your Google Calendar. It has several other functionalities, such as the fact that it can also let you:
    • create alarms,
    • set timers,
    • write reminders,
    • get directions through an app of your choice such as Google Maps,
    • search on the Web,
    • post status updates on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter,
    • get answers on WolframAlpha, and
    • find movies, weather, restaurants, and events. In short, it’s like a personal assistant rolled into a single app.



  • Maluuba is available in Play Store. Yep, you can very easily have an access to it.
  • It’s easy to share your status updates on social media. Plus the app does not require you to sign in first.



  • Yelp helps you find the restaurant you need. And that’s great. The restaurant-finder thing of Maluuba is very functional.




  • The same is true with WolframAlpha. Well, at least for the questions where it has answers to. Sometimes it does not work.




The points to improve:

  • The Maluuba app blatantly looks like the app for Windows Phone.
  • It would have been more helpful for Maluuba to have a widget. That way, you can just place it on your home screen, especially as you are supposedly going to use it a lot since it is a “personal assistant” kind of thing.
  • Inputting data needs to be in order because that’s how it currently works. For instance, in creating an event, you first have to say the title of the event because it’s the first “entry”. This is followed by the time, then the location.




  • Getting directions works fine, but again, the app does not have a distinction for navigation and direction


So what’s the verdict? It’s certainly a must-try. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store. It’s helpful and makes up for the current lack of calendar event voice input functionality of Google Now.


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