Windows 8 Layout On Android

A Closer Look in Windows 8 Layout On Android

It would be nice to be able to change your device’s appearance by changing its OS. You can change the lock screen, background and layout.

A Windows 8 layout would look perfectly nice on an Android device with symmetrical tiles and spaces. You can easily navigate through your device with this kind of layout. This article will be talking about how to add this layout to your Android.

Fake Windows 8 Launcher




You can get this windows 8 layout with the app called “Fake Windows 8 Launcher”.


Your tiles will be arranged accordingly. You can also modify the username, background and tile names. Setting up a lock screen, adding widgets and changing tile sizes are additional features.


Launcher 8




Another app, the Launcher 8, gives your device that new Windows 8 look. The design is easy to customize. You can select the color of your choice from a variety of choices and set up a wp8 lock screen and status bar.


Windows 8 for Android




This launcher is almost the same as the Fake Windows 8 Launcher app but additional feature like the auto-hide bar. This bar slides in and out like that of Facebook.


It is not, however, applicable to tabs and some backgrounds appear blank. It does not come for free and costs $1.99 on Google play store.


Windows 8 Go Launcher Ex




This launcher is a mixture of both Android and Windows. It does not go out of the typical Android appearance but has the Windows 8 theme with attractive icons and designs.


There are other launchers available in the market.

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