WiFi And Bluetooth Automation

The WiFi And Bluetooth Automation

You can allow your device to automatically connect and disconnect as well as lock and unlock with Tasker.


There is an app that does repetitive tasks for you such as connecting and disconnecting connections as well as locking and unlocking. This app is the Tasker. It allows functions on your device to work automatically. With this app, you can assign tasks to be performed. The Tasker for example, can detect where you are and can switch your device to a silent mode at a certain time schedule.


The app can also automatically turn on your music app everytime you connect your device to a speaker or headphone. The tasks are endless.


This tutorial takes your through the process of how to set those automation including tasks involving your WiFi and Bluetooth connections.


You can create a profile to switch these connections on or off in certain locations which can help you save battery.


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  1. Pairing Devices


You have to make sure first that your Android device is already paired with the device that you want it to connect to. Turn on the Bluetooth of each device simultaneously. Go to the Bluetooth setting and search for devices. Choose the device you want to connect to and pair.



  1. New Profile


Download and launch the Tasker app from Play Store. Follow the information on the screen and just continue tapping on checkmarks until you reach the main screen Profiles/Tasks/Scenes. Select the Profiles tab and tap + found at the bottom of the screen to begin creating profile.



  1. Connection


Choose State>Net>BT Near. Select the paired device from the pop-up. Just repeat the process for Address. Choose the checkbox with the name “Standard Devices”. Press the back key. A pop up will open, just select the New Task in the pop up.



  1. Disable Keyguard


Assign a name to your task and tap the checkmark. Tap the + found at the bottom of the screen and select Display>Keyguard. Make sure you select Off in the Action Edit screen. You can then return to the main screen of the Tasker by pressing the back button twice.



  1. Activate Profile


Tap on the slider to set it On. This allows your lockscreen to be disabled every time it detects a Bluetooth signal. You can also disable locker when your device encounters a Wi-Fi signal. Simple create another profile and set State>Net>WiFi Near.



  1. Choose Wi-Fi Signal


Tap next to the SSID and choose Wi-Fi. Repeat this prodecure for Mac. Change “Min. Activate…” to any character except 0. Press the back key and choose New Task. Assign another name and check on the checkmark. Tap + and select Display>Keyguard>Off.



  1. Location Profile


Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be switch on automatically using Tasker, every time you are in a specific location. It would be better to be in the certain location where you want to use it while setting this profile. Create the profile this time using Location. On the toolbar, tap the compass for Tasker to find you.



  1. Automate Wi-Fi


Press the back key to exit the map. Assign a name for the location and tap on the checkmark. Give the task a new name by selecting New Task for the menu that will pop up. Tap + to add an action and choose Net>WiFi>On.



  1. Bluetooth


Return to the Task Edit by pressing the Back key. Tap + then choose Net>Bluetooth>On. Tasker will now switch your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on every time it detects that you are in that certain location. The connections will also be switched off as soon as you leave the location.



  1. Add Exit Task


Go back to the main screen of the Tasker and expand the profile you created by tapping on it. Hold down the WiFi On/Bluetooth On text. A pop-up will then appear. Choose Add Exit Task>New Task, assign a name to the task and make two more actions. These actions can be Net>WiFi>Off and Net>Bluetooth>Off.


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