What to Do When the Message “Unfortunately WhatsApp Has Stopped” Appears

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Fix “Unfortunately WhatsApp Has Stopped” Appears on Your Android Device

The message “Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped” is not uncommon, and people have experienced this at one point or another. This type of crash is unfavorable because the user can no longer use the app properly, and therefore hinder with important conversations and the like. There are several possible reasons why this happens, and when it does, here’s a simple guide on what you should do.

To address this problem, here is a step by step guide on how to fix the sudden stopping of WhatsApp:

  1. Open your Settings menu
  2. Go to “More”
  3. Click Application Manager
  4. Swipe towards the left and click All Applications
  5. Look for WhatsApp and press it
  6. Press Clear Cache and Clear Data
  7. Return to your device’s home page
  8. Reboot your mobile device


All done! In a few simple steps, you are now able to resolve the sudden stopping of your app. If the method does not work, an alternative solution is to uninstall the app completely and reinstall it again with the most recent version on Google Play.


Did the method work for you to resolve the issue of “whatsapp has stopped”? Share your experience or additional questions through the comments section below.



Unfortunately WhatsApp Has Stopped
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Unfortunately WhatsApp Has Stopped
Carefully follow the guide above to resolve the issue.
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