What To Do: To Fix The Problem Of Unknown Baseband/No IMEI On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Fix The Problem Of Unknown Baseband/No IMEI

In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can fix a common error in Samsung Galaxy devices, the Unknown Baseband/no IMEI.  Specifically, we’re going to show you what you need to do to fix this issue on a Galaxy Note 3.  Follow along.

Fix Unknown Baseband/no IMEI On Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

Step1: Go to the Settings of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Step2: Go to About Device and tap on it.

Step3: Check “Baseband Version” and “IMEI Number”.

Step4: If the IMEI and Baseband are both null, this means that IMEI number is corrupted.  You can fix this in several ways:

  1. First, try to restore your IMEIfrom backup.
  2. You can also try flashing another custom ROM, but before flashing another custom romwipe dataand do a factory reset.
  3. Try flashing another modem’s basebandon your device. Flash each of them one at a time until the problem is fixed.
  4. If neither of the three methods above are working for you, try re-installing stock Firmware.

Have you solved this problem on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

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