What To Do: If Your Nexus 9 Has A Battery Drain Issue And Charges Slowly

Fix Nexus 9 Has A Battery Drain Issue And Charges Slowly

Google released their Nexus 9 tablet just last month and while it is an upgrade from its predecessors, Google has yet to fix the battery draining and slow charge issues that plagued previous Google tablets.

The Nexus 9’s battery is a 6700 mah and most users find that it takes more than 8-9 hours to fully charge.  If that is unacceptable to you, we’ve found a fix.  Follow our guide below to fix the slow charging and battery drain problems of a Nexus 9.

Fix Nexus 9 Slow Charging and Battery Drain Issue:

Step 1: Configure ADB and Fastboot.

Step 2:  Open a Command Prompt in the Fastboot folder.  Type: adb reboot bootloader.

Step 3: From bootloader, choose  Recovery.

Step 4: If you have a Custom Recovery, it will open almost instantly


Step 5: If you have a Stock recovery, you will see a window with “No Command” and will have to wait 20-seconds to enter recovery mode.


Step 6: Go to Navigate.  Go to Wipe Cache and select that option by using the power button.

Step 7: When the Process is over, choose Reboot System now.  This is the same process you regardless of if your using a Stock recovery or a Custom Recovery.

Nexus 9

Have tried to fix the battery drain and slow charge issues of your Nexus 9?

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