What To Do: If You Want To Make The Screen Of Your Nexus 5 Bigger Without Rooting

Make The Screen Of Your Nexus 5 Bigger Without Rooting

In this guide, were going to show you how you can make your Nexus 5’s screen bigger.  Although there are custom ROMs out there that can make your screen bigger, you need to have root access on your Nexus 5 to install these.  The method we use here doesn’t require you to root your phone.

How to Make Your Nexus 5 Screen Bigger Without Rooting:

  1. Enable USB debugging on the Nexus 5
  2. Download ADB Tool and install it on a PC.
  3. Connect your PC and your Nexus 5 with a USB cable.
  4. Go to the ADB tool folder and open a command window.
  5. To open the command window, hold down shift while right clicking in any open space in the folder.
  6. When you have a command window open, type in the following:


adb devices


Typing that command in will enable you to confirm that your Nexus 5 is properly connected to the PC.

  1. Type the following command in your command window to reboot the Nexus 5:

adb shell wm density 400

  1. When the device has rebooted, you’re going to see you have more space on your screen.


Note: If you still want more space, you can change the number 400 in the command.  Change the number higher and lower till you get the size that suits you best.


Note2: You can revert back to your original screen size by typing in the following command:

adb shell wm density reset


Have you made the screen of your Nexus 5 bigger?

Share your experience in the comments box below.


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