What To Do: If Line Has Stopped Working On Your Android Device

Fix Stopped Working On Your Android Device

If you are an Android user who uses Line, you might have gotten the error message “Unfortunately Line has stopped” at one time or another.  There are many reasons for this error to occur.  It’s a very annoying error as it means you can no longer use Line properly.  In this post, were going to show you a method by which you can fix this problem.  Follow along.


How To Fix Unfortunately Line Has Stopped on Android:

  1. In your Android device, open your settings.
  2. Find and tap on the More tab.
  3. You should see a list of options. Find and tap on the Application Manager.
  4. You should now see all of your installed apps.
  5. Tap on the Line app.
  6. Choose to Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  7. Return to your home screen.
  8. Reboot your device.

If this method did not work, try uninstalling your current Line app and installing the latest version that is available from Google Play.  If that still doesn’t fix things, you might have to install an older version of the Line app instead.


Have you fixed this problem on your Android device?

Share your experience in the comments box below.


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