Watch Netflix Video HD On Android

Watch Netflix Video HD

Netflix is a popular Internet streaming service provider in America. It allows people to view TV shows and Movies using Wii, PS3, Xbox and/or smartphones.


The rise of Android devices led people to prefer watching TV shows and movies online with the use of those Smartphones.


The Netflix app is freely available on Google Play Store. However, Netflix may not work on all types of devices. Browsing can only be done in portrait and streaming on landscape. But you can now watch HD videos with the help of this tutorial.




The Netflix app has two modified versions. The first one allows browsing and watching videos in landscape mode while the other one allows watching HD videos. Before you begin, enable installation from other sources by ticking the “Unknown Sources” in the Security option in your Settings menu.


Autorotation, Custom Backgrounds and Subtitles in Netflix


Uninstall first the old version of the app then clear data.

Download the modified version and install.

Open the new app. The “Red Screen” is now changed to “Black Screen”. The subtitles are now in larger fonts.

The screen can be rotated.


Netfllix App With HD Video


Uninstall the old version and clear data.

Download the modified version of Netflix and install to your device.

You can view HD videos on high-end devices.

After installation, you will notice a very big difference. You can now autorotate, customize options and get larger fonts on your subtitles. You can use the app on small screens as well as large screens. The difference is quite noticeable when using larger screens.


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