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Vlingo, an Android app comes to solve some common issue like using your devices while driving is an absolutely dangerous thing to do, not only for yourself but also for the other vehicles around you. But while on the road and traffic or emergency strikes, most people find it impossible to stay away from their phones. Thankfully, developers have come up with a temporary (and fractional) solution for this scenario.

Vlingo is a voice recognition technology that allows users to have some control of their devices even while on the road. An Android version of Vlingo has been released and you can now purchase the Vlingo Android version for $9.99

The basics of Vlingo

  • The app uses the built-in voice recognition capability of Google
  • It has an appealing interface that gives you access to voice recognition and safe reader.
  • The app also has a tutorial for first-time users
  • You can customize the settings according to your preferences
  • Here are seven Vlingo actions:
    • Search
    • Open apps
    • Perform voice dial
    • Send an SMS message
    • Send an e-mail
    • Maps
    • Post to Twitter





Features of Vlingo

Vlingo has two main features, namely:


  1. Voice recognition

  • Voice recognition makes it easy to perform some actions that will relieve you from the burden of using your hands. It works quite well most of the time, and would be ideal to use if you need to type a quick message while driving.
  • Vlingo will come up with a list of contacts for you to choose from when the name that you are saying is not too clear. You must select the name of the appropriate contact before you can proceed with the action
  • There are some errors in spelling, but the developer said that the voice recognition technology will gradually be developed and perform better as time passes by
  • As expected, dictating the words to your device will not result in a perfect composition. This happens when you are trying to use voice recognition for text messaging or emailing.
  • You may encounter some problems when you are trying to open an app.
  • This app will cancel out or block the background music and noise fairly well. But this may be the phone feature rather than the app itself.




  1. Safe reader

  • The safe reader is more accurate, mostly because all it does is read your messages out loud.
  • Activate the safe reader feature of Vlingo so that it would automatically read out loud all of your incoming emails and SMS




Some good points

  • Vlingo gives you four widget options: three are of different sizes that will let you use the voice recognition instantly. The fourth widget is for activating and deactivating the safe reader feature.
  • Vlingo does not crash unexpectedly, so you won’t worry about it suddenly leaving you hanging
  • This app allows the user to choose an option to use the built-in voice recognition of Android or to use the voice recognition of Vlingo.


Vlingo: The verdict




Vlingo is an app that is very easy to like/love. While it may not be very great to use it in a public place (would you talk to your phone in front of other strangers?), Vlingo is very useful to keep your driving on the relatively safe side by activating voice prompts so that your attention will not be as divided as when you’re typing on your device.


The app, like others, has its downsides. This includes – first and foremost, the price. Many people might actually reconsider using or even downloading the app because of the $10 price tag. Another downside of the app is that it is dependent on a network connection, so if you have a weak signal or poor connection, then you might end up being frustrated with it. Also, as mentioned earlier, the voice control is not 100 percent accurate, especially when it comes to complicated names, etc. Bear with it – according to the developers, the app will be improved over time.

All in all, Vlingo is a very useful and helpful app for just about anyone. The two main features of the app, which is voice recognition and safe reader, work fine and are useful in the above-mentioned situation. Aside from its little quirks and limitations, Vlingo is easily on top of the most functional and favorite apps in the Android market today.

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