Use Task Manager, the Killer App to Enable Or Disable Background Apps On Android

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

The Killer App

Many applications run on background without the user’s permission. This slows down the device’s performance.


Killer App


The Task Manager or Task The Killer App is a useful app to resolve such issue. This can be downloaded from the Play Store. However, there is also a disadvantage to it. Killing some apps can affect its normal functioning.

So it is rather advisable to instead use the default task manager in your Android. Here are the steps to use it:


  1. Open the App from the homescreen. Go to its settings. Some devices have a shortcut found at the notification bar.


  1. Choose Apps found in the list of the settings.


  1. You will then find three tabs, “On SD Card”, “Running” and “All”.


  1. Tapping on the All tab will take you to the list of all your apps including the default stock apps.


  1. When you select an app, two options will be displayed, the “Disable” and “Force Stop”.


  1. When you tap on the “Disable” option, a notification will pop out to confirm if you are sure about this action. If you are sure though, you can simply tap OK.


  1. Once the app is disable, the app will be situated at the end of the list. To enable it again, simply tap on the app and tap Enable.


The app will disappear when you disable it. If you want to stop the app temporarily, tap on the “Force Stop” option.


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