Use GooManager To Find Custom ROMs, Apps And Updates

The GooManager

GooManager has a list of custom ROMs and Google Apps for your device.

GooManager is an app that allows you to manage your ROM. It connects you to the server, which has a variety of custom ROMs and apps as well as updates.


GooManager works with TeamWin Recovery Project or TWRP. This is also a recovery MOD which works like ClockworkMod. Like ClockworkMod, you will also need to have your device rooted. GooManager helps you download loads of ROMs and apps and ROM over the air (OTA) updates.

OTA updates help make update files smaller which allows ROM updating faster. You can then flash ROMs to your device, run backup up and recover like Clockwork and Recovery MOD.


You will first need to have you device rooted before using the GooManager. There is however, a limited number of ROMs upload on GooManager but you can still find others which are not on the server and flash them using the app.


There are the steps on how to use GooManager with your rooted device.



  1. Install GooManager app


Some devices already have GooManager installed to it. If you have not yet, you can download and install it to your device. You will also have to grant SuperUser permission.



  1. Install Open Recovery Script


Tap in the menu and go to install OpenRecoveryScript. You will be directed to the right TWRP file. It will be installed automatically once you download it. Tap Reboot into Recovery to access the TWRP. This will then back your system up, wipe and restore it so you can install ROM.



  1. Install Open Recovery Script Manually


If there is no OpenRecoveryScript on your device, you can install TWRP manually. Go to the website and download it from there. Go through the same process when rooting your phone but this time, you will have to use the .tar file which you have recently downloaded.



  1. Browse For GooManager ROMs


Go to the Browse Compatible ROMs in the GooManager. Tap on the ROM to views the recent versions. Choose the version you want to download and tap on it to begin downloading. After downloading, tap Flash ROMs in the menu of the GooManager to access all ROMs.



  1. Download Gapps


Tap Download Gapps Package from the main menu. You will be asked to confirm download. As soon as you confirm, you will be directed to a page to begin downloading. Review it and tap Flash ROMs once completed.



  1. Install ROMs and Gapps


Check the ROM of your choice from the Flash ROMs menu. Choose Order & Flash. Tick the Create backup in the next window. This will run backup of your device’s firmware. You also need to run a full backup of your data. When everything is ok, tap OK and Flash.



  1. Run The New ROM


If the ROM is still in the Boot screen, turn off your device. To enter into TWRP recovery, hold down volume UP together with the power and home button. The backup you created will be restored. When you device is rebooted, repeat step 5 but this time, you will have to check Wipe cache/dalvik cache partition and Wipe Data.



  1. Install ROM From Zip


To a download ROM from internal storage or SD card, tap add zip which can be found from a different location. Locate the folder which you have manually downloaded. Tap on the ROM so it can be added to the list in GooManager of flashable ROMs.



  1. Update Gapps and ROMs


Tapping on Check for Updates will give you a list of available updates for your ROM or Gapps. If you want to download it, simply tap on the available update. GooManager can also allow OTA updates letting you download only the updated part of a ROM.



  1. Set Frequent Update



You can update frequently by tapping on the ROM Update Check Frequency from in the settings of the menu icon. You may choose how often you want to get updates. This way, you can control constant updates. If you want to check updates yourself manually, check Never on the frequency.


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