How To: Use GL To SD If You Want To Move Apps And Games

How to Use GL To SD

The great thing about Android devices is all the cool applications that you can install on it.  Browsing the Google Play Store, you’re going to find a ton of cool games and apps, you’re bound to want to install one or two or several on your own device.

It’s so tempting to download and install app after app on your device.  Unfortunately apps take up space and as such, you might find yourself facing an “Out of Storage” error due to low internal memory.  When this happens, you’re going to either have to delete some apps to free up storage or – if you device has an external SD slot, move some apps to external storage.

While most smartphones now have an inbuild feature that can move apps to the SD card, this usually just means it moves the installation files, not the obb files of an application.  This doesn’t really free up that much storage.

Basically, the data and obb files of an installed app are stored on your device in a folder called Android > Data & obb.  This Android > Data & obb folder is found on your phone’s internal storage, you can mount this file in external storage using different applications.  When the folder is mounted, the folder and the data inside is replicated onto your phone’s external storage and removed from your internal storage.

In this guide we’re going to show you how you can get one of these apps known as GL to SD on your Android device.

Move apps to SD using GL to SD:

  1. In order to use this app, you need to root your device first.
  2. After rooting, download and install GL to SD .
  3. After installation, GL to SD, should be found on your devices App Drawer.  Open GL to SD and then accept the root permissions.


  1. When you accept the permission, GL to SD will show you a list of apps.  Either that or, tap the menu key located at the top right corner and then tap “move apps”.  This will make the list pop up.
  2. Select the apps you want moved. Press move button.


  1. How long the process will take will depend on the number and size of the games / applications you’re moving.  As such it could take a while, just hold on and wait.


  1. When it is done, mount the folder and tap the first button at the top.


  1. Your game’s data should be accessible from external storage now.

Have you used GL to SD on your device?

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