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Last updated: July 1, 2020.

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It becomes increasingly easy for people nowadays to watch reruns of their favorite television shows because of the numerous means available for that, such as through websites or DVDs. The actual problem that people experience now when it comes to watching these shows is choosing which one to watch – amid the hundreds and thousands of shows now, which is worth the time? For this reason, a TV Guide such as TV Show Favs comes in handy, especially in helping you keep track of the shows that you have already watched and the number of episodes that it has.

TV Show Favs

Reasons to choose TV Show Favs:

  • It has a comprehensive database of TV shows
  • You can customize it
  • It lets you schedule what shows you want to watch. It helps you keep track of everything, such as the next date that the episode of your show will be released, as well as the time and channel where you can find it. This is particularly helpful for those who has no cable box.




  • It also helps you keep track of the number of seasons that you have watched for a certain show. You can also do this on a per show or per episode basis.
  • The app has a “My Shows” page, which lets you store and keep track of all your shows. It also provides in-depth details about the TV show. In short, it lets you see the amount of shows that you haven’t seen yet.





  • TV Show Favs has a “Top 10”, “Top 50”, and “Top 100” list that may help you decide which show to see first.



  • The app also allows you to tag the shows so that you can organize it based on your preference.
  • Another great feature is that upcoming episodes of your favorite shows can be added (or synced) to your Google Calendar.
  • Their in-app purchase available for you to unlock more features – at a bundled cost of $5. Otherwise, apps may be bought individually for $0.99 each. Some of the features are:
    • Notifications
    • Social network integration
    • Remove ads
    • Themes (dark and light)


The things to improve the app:

  • The calendar view is not useful or helpful in any way. It can only be viewed per day, no matter what the size is of the device you are using. You would be better off using the list view for your scheduled shows.




The verdict




For those people who are hardcore watchers of numerous TV shows, then TV Show Favs is the app for you. It is most useful for those who watch more than two shows because this companion app helps you keep track of these. Otherwise, what would be its use for you? It’s also very notable that the app provides an in-depth information about the shows on its database so that you would be able to determine which one to watch next. TV Show Favs also has a lot of great features – for one it’s customizable – that makes it a really great companion.


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