Trying Out the Dark Knight Rises for Android

What’s to like about The Dark Knight Rises

People generally love games that are inspired by superhero movies. These titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Spiderman have been providing a great gaming experience for the fanatics. However, this is not true for all games. In fact, expectations on these kinds of games are slowly becoming lower because the majority are usually a bad rendition of the movie. The Dark Knight Rises is an Android rendition of two previous Batman games, Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, created by Gameloft.


  • The game’s plot is similar to the movie, so those who are avid fans would greatly appreciate this.
  • Moreover, the game has 3 to 7 missions for every chapter. Each mission takes approximately 10 minutes to accomplish.
  • The game has puzzles such a hacking mini-game
  • Fighting off the enemies while on vehicle is fun
  • The costume of Batman is exceptional – you would see the amount of time the developers dedicated to this one.

Dark Knight

  • Voice acting is okay even though it’s obvious that they are just imitating the voices in the movie. The entire game is voiced, which is good.


Things to improve:

  • It’s difficult to move the character (Batman) on the screen while making sure that the camera is at a good angle. This is a common problem in action games that use touch control.




  • The flow of movement in the game is poor. It is not smooth as you would expect or want it to be.
  • Some characters look like they are made of Lego.



  • The graphics of the game need a lot of improvements. While Batman’s costume looks great, everything else is just average, or even bad
  • The color scheme of the game makes it look bleak and boring. The gray and brown colors seriously need to be ramped up.
  • The entire game is just dull – all you do throughout the game is to beat up the thugs and step out around Gotham. There would be no other action to expect.




  • The game needs 3.6 GB of space. About 1.8 GB will be used up when you download the game from the Google Play Store, then the remaining 1.8 GB will be downloaded once you open the game. For devices that have limited storage – this is very bad news.
  • The game costs $7.


The verdict

You should not bother trying this game at all. The $7 price is way too expensive and would be better used for the Batman: Arkham City or Arkham Asylum games. Or you could try out other action games available in the Play Store.


The Dark Knight Rises is way too bloated for its own good. Considering the quality of its graphics, Gameplay cannot expect the gamers to allocate almost 4 gigabytes of their device storage for the game. Moreover, a lot of improvements are also needed to make The Dark Knight Rises more exciting and enjoyable.


Have you tried playing this game?

How was your overall experience?



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