Top 10 Applications for a Rooted Android Phone

10 Applications for Rooted Android Phone

You may have heard about rooting your smartphone and expanding its use to its boundaries but are still hesitant about it. You have come to the right place. This article is going to enlighten your mind about rooted android phone.

As an owner of an Android, you would want to be able to customize your device. You can already do that with just the hardware. Rooted Android Phone is even better because it allows you to modify and tailor your device even more by letting you customize the software. And this is a really different and out-of-this-world thing. By rooting your device, you get to change ROMs, flash mods, increase internal storage and improving battery performance. Rooting also allows you to install applications which usually cannot run on Android.

Rooting your device has several other benefits. Among them include overclocking the device’s CPU and GPU, removing bloatware, explore internal system via different file managers, record video, backup apps and other data. These are just to name a few.

As soon as you have rooted android phone, you can install any application to your rooted android phone. Here are 10 of the best applications.

  1. Titanium Backup (free)

Rooted Android Phone

This is so far the best backup application available in the store. This app allows users to backup and restores any of the contents in your device including apps. Titanium Backup also freezes apps that are running in the background which may have cause lagging to your device. You can set a schedule for running back up with the use of this app. A free version can be downloaded from the Play Store.

  1. Root Explorer



Root Explorer is one of the basic applications needed by the device after rooting. This app allows you to explore internal folders, execute scripts and send files via Bluetooth or email. Root Explorer also lets you create and/or extract zip and/or raw file. Furthermore, you can change permissions and extract files from the internal system. You can download it for only $3.98.


  1. ROM Manager




This app is also one of an essential apps that your device needs to have. It allows you to get the latest version of ClockworkMod, install them or get updates. You can also download new custom ROMs through ROM Manager. You can download it for free in the market.


  1. System Tuner




System Tuner fine tunes your Android system to achieve your device’s best performance. Functions of the app include a Task Manager, backup and much more. This app also allows you to stop apps running in the background or freeze them. System Tuner also helps you detect which apps run upon start up and freezes them when needed. You will also have a clear analysis of the status of your device. This app can be downloaded for free from the market.


  1. Set CPU for Root Users



SetCPU allows users to modify the clock’s speed by overclocking or underclocking it. It allows you to see which apps and processes keep running in the background. This app also controls your CPU’s speed. SetCPU also helps you monitor your battery’s performance and life. You can download it for $1.99.


  1. StickMount




This handy application helps you use USB sticks on your device, from mounting to dismounting. All you need is to secure a USB OTG. Through this app, you can access stored files on the USB Stick. Download it for free.


  1. GL to SD




This app is especially helpful to gamers. GL to SD allows users to move app with to an SD card. It mounts the SD card and allows you to play games. Games usually fill up a huge space in your internal storage, but with the help of GL to SD, you can play as many games as you want. You can download and install it for free.


  1. SCR Screen Recorder Free




If you wish to take a screenshot of your device, you can now easily do so. And this time, it gets even better because now you can record a video of your device’s screen. You can do this with the help of SCR Screen Recorder Free. You can download it for free. And once you have installed it, you can now capture videos of your device’s screen.


  1. WiFiKill




If you have trouble with people sharing your WiFi, this is the tool for you. With this app, you can keep other people from connecting to your WiFi. This way, you get to speed up your use internet use by diverting all internet speed to you. You, however, can no longer find this on Play Store but you may search for it on Xda-developers.


  1. Greenify




This app helps you improve the performance of your device. It detects which apps are causing your device to lag and are using a huge amount of battery. After detecting those specific apps, it immediately hibernates the app and stops its effect on the device. You can download it for free.

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