Tip on how to Make Samsung Galaxy Home Key Work Quicker

Tip on how to Make Samsung Galaxy Home Key Work Quicker

One of the distinctive features of Samsung Galaxy Devices is the home key found in between two capacities keys. The function of this key is to take you back to the device’s home screen. However, this appears to work a little slow. This article will discuss how to make Galaxy Home Key work faster.

Some people tried to make it work faster by flashing a new stock firmware. But you actually do not need to. Here is the simple trick.


What causes its slow response is actually the “S Voice” feature of the Galaxy device, which is activated by pressing the Home Key twice.

You just need to disable this by opening the settings of the S Voice. Once you’re there, go to the “Open via the home key” and disable it. Check if there are changes. You Home Key should be working faster now.



If you want to enable the option again, simply use the S Voice icon in the app drawer of your device.

Now you know how to make Galaxy Home Key work quicker

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