The Usefulness of NFC Tags

The Best Android Device Feature: NFC Tags

Near Field Communication, or more commonly known as NFC, is becoming a well-known feature among devices today, especially with the popularity of Google Wallet and Android Beam. NFC has some very awesome features, including the following:

  • It sends data from your phone to the other object (such as a mobile payment area) with the simple action of tapping the two together
  • It lets you write tags so that you would be able to do commands that are specific to you. This feature can be customized.
  • A downside of NFC: Two apps are needed, especially on Android 4.0.2. The first app will be used for creating the tags and the second app will be used for formatting the tags


Apps used with NFC


NFC Task Launcher

  • Used to write data on NFC tags
  • A really cool feature is that it can write numerous toggles such as Bluetooth, WiFi, alarms, Tweet, edit settings like brightness and sounds, and implement the tasks you have on Tasker.





  • Used for formatting tags
  • Also, has the capacity to write tags




Tags Used with NFC




Tags come from Tags for Droid, and they have a sticky back so that you can place it wherever you want it to be. It has a range of approximately 8 inches and is also rewritable and lockable. Some of the tags include the following:


  1. In the Car

  • As the name implies – a tag that is useful for driving.
  • Increases the media volume, disables your WiFi, and launches Google Music
  • Have no multiple switches
  • What can be improved: add a navigation launcher or Maps feature




  1. Going Ridin’

  • A tag used by cyclists.
  • This bike tag allows you to just place your device on the phone holder of your bicycle and activates your Bluetooth headset.
  • A very useful tag because most cyclists like having the liberty of going around on their bikes without being hounded by texts or calls or emails.
  • Volume levels are automatically dropped
  • Launches Move! Bike Computer so that you may record your bicycle ride
  • Features become activated or deactivated in just a simple tap.
  • Tapping the tag for the second tap executes the switch for activating the WiFi and connecting to the home network. Also, the vibrations are disabled, the volume for notifications are brought to level 4 and the ringer is changed.





  1. Bed Time

§  Ringtone is changed to a subtle tune

  • Notification volume is brought down to level 2
  • Auto brightness is activated
  • Tapping for the second time launches the Home profile and sets the brightness to around 40. The ringtone is also reverted back to the one before the Bed Time tap is activated.





The verdict

It’s easily understandable why more and more people are looking for NFC-enabled devices. The feature itself is very useful for anyone, and it helps you save a lot of time especially when you are going off on the road or when you are about to go to sleep. So, its practicality comes in very handy for anyone. When used with other apps like Tasker, NFC becomes even more awesome.

Have you tried using some tags? Share with us some of it!



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