The MagNector Pogo Cable: For Your Tablet’s Faster Charging

MagNector Pogo Cable Review

A lot of people had been anxiously waiting for the release of a pogo pin for the Nexus 10. A much talked about thread came in December 2012, where a person said that there is already a pogo charging cable that will be on sale soon. Much to the delight of everyone, the rumour turned out to be correct – a MagNector pogo cable is now being sold on eBay. It has a length of 4” 2’ with a male USB plug on one end and 6 pogo pins and 2 magnetic snaps on the other. The price of the MagNector pogo cable is as follows: $20 in the United States and in Australia; $16 in the United Kingdom; and 20 euros in Germany.

MagNector Pogo Cable

Here’s a quick review of the much-awaited pogo cable:


The good things:

  • Secure and easy to use. You can easily disconnect the pogo cable’s cord from your device. So that you won’t worry about it accidentally flying when you trip on your cable.
  • Night solution. The MagNector pogo cable has a night-time charging orientation so that you can use it even in the dark.
  • Slightly faster charging time than a microUSB cable. The Nexus 10 fully charges from a level of 14% at 4 hours 27 minutes. When using a microUSB cable, the Nexus 10 charges to only 90% in the same period of time.
  • Voice Search still works fine. Even with the magnetic stuff of the charger, you can still use Voice Search without any problems.

Points to improve:

  • Capacity is limited to charging. The pogo cable’s functionality is only for charging your Nexus 10 – it doesn’t go beyond that. Unlike the Nexus 10 which can let you do data transfers.
  • Does not function with OTG cable. You cannot use your pogo cable with an OTG cable because your device will stop charging until you disconnet the OTG from it.
  • Currently, limited buying options. You can buy the pogo cable in different sites, depending on where you are. If you live in the US, you can buy the cable on eBay or in While, if you live in the UK, you can buy the cable on eBay,, or in Amazon. If you live in Germany, you have more limited options because you can buy the cable only on Amazon. The same is true in Australia because you can only buy the cable in


The verdict

Many people had been so excited about the release of the pogo cable, and now that it is finally here. So we can say that it has its good and not-so-good points. It can be reliable if you want a cable that can charge your Nexus 10 at a faster pace than the usual microUSB cables. It is also great for preventing damage on your microUSB port .

The only downside is that the MagNector pogo cable is only functional for charging and you can not use it for transferring data. That’s probably something that can be addressed by the developer.


What do you think of the MagNector pogo cable?



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