The Game of Thrones Game Review

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

The Game of Thrones

TellTale has released its own version of the Game of Thrones – in the form of a game. This is an answered prayer for several people, particularly as the series is something that has received so much hype. This makes the release timely. However, since it is based on the TV show of HBO, it is therefore much more constrained than other games that TellTale has released such as The Walking Dead. Every part of the narrative in the Game of Thrones game is significant to future happenings.

The narrative follows House Forrester (an original character of TellTale), whose family serves the Starks. It starts in the third season of the show (before the Red Wedding). The Forresters are also still recovering from the treachery of Walder Frey. There are three characters that the player can control, namely: Gared (Lord Forrester’s squire), Ethan (the third son of the Forresters), and Mira (the eldest daughter of the Forresters). Most of the action is on Gared’s character, while most of the “tough” decisions come with Ethan and Mira. The narrative shifts between these three characters. Basically, the Forrestors are like a parallel family to the Starks – everything about them just echoes the other.

What to expect

  • A purchase price of $5 for Episode 1: Iron from Ice (it’s the only episode available, so far). Episode 1 will last from 1.5 to 3 hours. The remaining episodes (2 to 6) can also be purchased for $5 each upon release.
  • The first episode has good technical standards. Even the narrative – no matter how constrained it is – is commendable. It would be difficult to relate to if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, so it’s a more enjoyable experience for those who are really following the series.
  • It is not a game for children or conservatives. There are violence and language similar to that of the show, but limited sex and nudity to prevent bans from Google Play, etc.
  • It’s an adventure game with 3D graphics.
  • Every choice matters. As said earlier, every event has a significant bearing on the future. This is why familiarity with the series is necessary – so you get to choose the “correct” options and avoid unfavorable results.



  • It has an auto-save feature to allow you to go back to certain parts of the game in case you get killed. But you need a TellTale account to do this.
  • The game is very engaging. It has a lot of dramatic tension that really gets you into the game. The voice actors are also good at their craft, making the game more enjoyable and realistic.
  • Costumes and other technical aspects are not as detailed as the one found in the series.



  • A device with powerful processor is needed for the game. Unless you can tolerate lags.
  • Seamless shifting between controls (touch screen and physical)

The verdict

The Game of Thrones game is for the fans, yes – but only so that you can choose the things which you know will not bring death upon you. The game version is impressive as it is, and $5 is a worth-it asking price for the kind of experience you’ll have.


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