The Finest Chromebook To Date

The Finest Chromebook

We’ve tried our hardest to stay aware of Chromebook for a mixture of reasons, not the slightest of which being that we utilize these devices each and every day. We invest energy with each Chromebook model to provide best possible feedback

With the quick pace of new Chromebook launches all the time its difficult to say which one of the following is the finest however we still make a rundown — Following are the best Chromebooks accessible as of April 2015.


Here are few very important points about Toshiba Chromebook that should always be remembered


  • It can easily be said that Toshiba Chromebook 2 is one of the finest Chromebook and possible front runner with appealing out and display.
  • It has a wonderful screen of 1920×1080 IPS that can make us forgo the competition.
  • It does not lack any internal high end feature a well, it has an intel N2840 Bay Trail processor which goes easily with 4GB RAM and performs really well.
  • It just cost 299$ which definitely makes it one of the cheapest Chromebook and when you will look at its screen you will wonder if it’s worth the price or should it be sold on a much higher rate.


ACER C720:



Let us take a closer look at a budget friendly Acer C720

  • If you are looking out for Chromebook under minimal budget then you can’t find anything much better than the Acer C720.
  • It has 11- inch screen and is very light and portable with solid build and amazing battery capacity with Intel Haswell Celeron which can manage any work pretty easily.
  • The most amazing part is that it only worth 199$ and can be found on discounted prices of 129$ as well.
  • If you are looking for Acer C720 then you should definitely go for the one with 4 GB RAM.
  • If you are going for the Acer with discounted price i.e. refurbished or used make sure it is not the older version.



  • Chromebooks were made available to make life easier as they are much more portable and light.
  • However as the manufacturers moved towards bigger screen i.e. 11-15 inches than you also need some sort of portability and for that Acer Chromebook 15 is definitely your choice.
  • It has a same model as that of the 13 inch one but the only difference is its display which is 15.6 inches and it has a great keyboard along with user facing speakers.
  • There are also different options of processors in Acer to choose from varying from a bit low end i.e. Celeron N2830 processor with 2 GB RAM and an enticing display of 1366x 758 all the way to the  4GB RAM  with 1920×1080 display screen and Celeron.
  • The price ranges from 199$ to 349$ but you should always opt the one with the latest processing system and RAM under your budget.



Alongside all the amazing Chromebooks mentioned above let us take a closer look at few runner ups that can fare well for some clients.

  • For people especially students who are to use their Chromebook for rough use should definitely go for Yoga Lenovo 11e.
  • It is supported by high end processor with flip screen and a touch screen option which makes it more of a pseudo tablet.
  • It is not very stylish, chic or pretty neither it is light and nor it is any portable. The device is not even cheap but if you want pretty you can always go for the standard yoga version



  • Acer Chromebook 13 is also worth mentioning, this is a device with ARM processor and Tegra K1 as explained above in Acer Chromebook 15 , Acer Chromebook 13 also comes along with a lot of options in display and RAM to choose from, however the 4GB RAM model is highly recommended.
  • Then again if you are going for good built and display with great battery life then this is not for you because it still lacks in these departments.



  • If any of you have no prescribed budget and is only looking for quality then spend a little money and buy the new Chrome pixel that costs around 300$.
  • This machine is still on its road to success with improvised i5 processor and there is also a USB port available along with other peripherals however spending 999$ on a Chromebook is not recommended but if you want quality then Chromebook is your perfect choice.


Leave us a comment or query if you have so and let us know which one of the above matches your style and wants along with the fact that which one among them is fit for your budget.


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