What To Do: To Stop Apps Accessing The iCloud Drive On Your iPhone/iPad Or Mac

Stop Apps Accessing The iCloud Drive

The iCloud drive is a feature that was introduced to iDevices with iOS 8 as well as OS X Yosemite.  It is basically a cloud storage drive.  If you have more than one iDevice and just want to use one Apple id for all of them, it’s a good idea to select the specific apps which you’re going to allow to access iCloud drive.  In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can do so.

How To Stop Apps from accessing iCloud Drive on an iPhone or iPad:

Step#1: First you need to open apps Settings

Step#2: Find and tap on iCloud.

Step#3: Tap iCloud Drive.

Step#4:  You should now see a list of apps which are currently able to access iCloud drive.  If you want to make sure that nothing has access to iCloud Drive, tap “iCloud drive to turn off”.

Step#5: If you still want some apps to have access to iCloud Drive, go through the list and choose the apps you don’t want to have access and tap them to disable iCloud access.

How To Stop Apps from accessing iCloud Drive on a Mac:

Step#1: Click the Apple logo located on the top left corner of your screen.

Step#2: Select System Preferences.

Step#3: In the System Preferences window, select iCloud.

Step#4: Click on Option

Step#5:  A list of all the apps with access to iCloud Drive will appear.  Uncheck which of these apps you no longer want to have access to iCloud Drive.


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