Setting Up Samsung Galaxy 6 And Galaxy Edge

Samsung Galaxy 6 And Galaxy Edge

Every phone do not have a same setup procedure, even if the phone is made by the same manufacturers it will not have a familiar setup system. However there is nothing to worry about we will take you through the procedure of how to setup GS6 and S6 edge in detail.


Setup A1

Let us start the setup procedure first by going through the user license agreement and wireless connection setup. In order to complete the following procedure just follow the step below:

  • First and foremost thing that is needed to be done is setting up the language which is in fact one of the most major thing to do
  • The next thing that should be done is turning on the accessibility.
  • After that connect your phone to Wi-Fi even though you have an active sim it will be highly advisable to connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi
  • A smartphone cannot be set up without a licensing agreement.
  • There is a default box when it is checked, it sends information back to Samsung for analysis
  • However you can forgo this option by un checking if you do not want the data to be sent for analysis.
  • After that press Next to go to other enticing features.


Setup A2

After your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi the very next step should be personalising your phone

  • Google has launched their new features called Tap and go in Android lollipop 5.0
  • This features can be used by placing your new phone and older one back to back to transfer all the data and information to the new phone by using NFC or Bluetooth.
  • This is the very next feature you will see if you had an android phone before .
  • The features allows you to transfer all the information relating your account so you do not have to manually put in the data only the security of your phone may make you add the password otherwise all the other credentials will be transferred through this feature.
  • If you do not have an android background then simply skip the step and move on to setting yourself a Google account first.
  • All you have to do is sign-up if you have no account by simply filling up the sign-up form with your name and password.
  • If you already have a Google account you can use that one or make a new one and can use the older one as an additional account.




Once your google account is set up follow the steps given below in order to restore your apps and information.

  • After setting up the google account, there is a new feature introduced by android lollipop by which you can restore apps from the specific date you want.
  • There is still no surety about how much of the apps will be restored or what will not be restored.
  • Although you can expect stuff like wallpapers and synced data to be restored, you can check the option of restore apps to get your apps back but mind you only the app will be restored and not the app data.
  • However if you’re willing to turn over a new leaf and start fresh which is always suggested to forgo any issues then you click on set up as a new device among the options given and press next.
  • However when you are restoring the very second option you will be faced with is the licensing agreement and policies set by google.

The options of backing up your data will be checked by the server automatically, however to make the experience newer and fresh you can always uncheck the options and turn it off.


Setup A4

  • The next account that needs to setup is the Samsung account, if you have a background with Samsung gadgets either tablet or smartphone then you are most likely to have a Samsung account as well.
  • This account helps in syncing data from the apps like Misc music and S health.
  • If you already own an account then simply type in your name and password on the new device.
  • However if you do not own any account then you better hurry up and sign up. Samsung has come up with a new option that allows you to use your google credential in Samsung account only if you have a google account.
  • After signing up you will face more policies, data, agreements and terms.
  • Read them through and click on agree to all option.
  • After setting up the account you will again be faced with an option to back up your data however if you are already linked to google you will not be needing this at all.


Setup A5

  • To deal with these options is not very important but if you have time on your hand you may as well just complete this formality too.
  • S Voice or wake up command gives you an option of addressing your phone without even touching it, you can make your phone function just by your voice and you can test this early on by selecting a phrase or just saying Hi Samsung for that matter, just to see the response.
  • The very next thing is finger prints which can lock your phone, but it can also be used to lock the cell phone or for the authentication of the apps and data.
  • All you have to do is put your finger several times on the screen to get the scan from every angle.
  • You can also add additional fingerprints if you want.


These are all the simple steps that you are needed to follow while setting up your phones, hit the comment box with any comment or query you have.



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