What To Do: If You Are Seeing A Black Screen On Your Samsung Galaxy S4

A Black Screen On Your Samsung Galaxy S4

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great device, especially compared to some other smartphone’s in terms of size and performance, it’s not without its issues.  One such issue is the black screen problem and in this post, we’re going to show you how to fix it.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Screen Problem:

  1. Turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 off.
  2. Remove the back cover of the device and take out the battery.
  3. Press the home and volume button simultaneously. Keep them pressed for 10 seconds.
  4. Put the battery back in and turn the Samsung Galaxy S4 back on.

If the first four steps don’t work, it could be because the last ROM installed on your phone crashed.  Flashing a new ROM could fix things.

  1. Connect the phone to a PC. Check that the PC can detect your phone.
  2. If the PC can detect your phone, turn your phone off. Then, turn your phone back on by holding the home, power and volume up keys.  This should put your phone into download mode.
  3. Open Odin on your PC and flash the phone’s official firmware.

You can also try this other method:

  1. Turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 off.
  2. Take out the sim, battery, and SD card.
  3. Get a screw driver and open all the screws on the back of your device.
  4. Lift the back case up.
  5. Remove the strips that you can see attached to the board.
  6. Place the board on a clean surface.
  7. Get a blower and perform a heat cleanup to the board.
  8. Place the board back, making sure to attach all the strips that your removed before. Screw the back into place.
  9. Power up the device.

Have you solved the black screen problem on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Share your experience in the comments box below. JR

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