Save Android Battery Using Greenify

 Battery Using Greenify

One way to save battery is by hibernating your app.


Too much applications installed in your device can cause your battery life to decrease and can affect the device’s performance. This is because these apps can run on background even if you are not using them.


But Greenify can help you with this issue by hibernating these apps. Just make sure that your phone is rooted. This is a tutorial on how to use Greenify.



  1. Download And Install Greenify


The first thing you need is to have Greenify in your device. This can be found in Play Store for free. It also has a donation version for only $2.99 which has additional features. But you have to root your device first. And it works well with devices rooted with Xposed.



  1. Activate And Configure Features


Once Greenify is downloaded, load the Xposed configuration page. Before rebooting, enable the Greenify Xposed module. You can find advanced options in the Greenify app. These features include keeping notification for apps that are hibernated.



  1. Hibernate Applications


Found at the bottom-left portion of Greenify is a + sign. When you tap on it, a list of background apps will be displayed. If you want to hibernate an app, especially the ones that you don’t use often, simply click on the entry and tick on the button. This will hibernate that particular app. You can also hide those apps from the list.


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