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How To: Root Sony’s Xperia Z C6602/C6603 After Updating To Android 5.1.1 10.7.A.0.222 Firmware

The Android 5.1.1 10.7.A.0.222 Firmware

Sony has rolled out an update to Android 5.1.1 for their Xperia Z.  This new update has build number 10.7.A.0.222 and it has begun rolling out via OTA and Sony PC companion.

If you have an Xperia Z and are an Android power user, you may have noticed that installing this update makes you lose your root access.  In order to regain it or gain it if you didn’t have it before, you can follow the method we outline in this post.

Follow along and you can gain root access on an Xperia Z C6602/C6603 that is running Android 5.1.1 10.7.A.0.222 Firmware.  We will also show you how you can get CWM and TWRP custom recovery.


Rooting Xperia Z C6602, C6603 Running 10.7.A.0.222 Firmware

  1. First you need to downgrade to .288 Firmware and root the device
  2. Your device needs to be running KitKat OS and be rooted. So, if you have upgraded to Lollipop, the first thing you need to do downgrade it .
  3. Install .283 firmware.
  4. Root
  5. Install XZ Dual Recovery.
  6. Download latest installer for Xperia Z here (
  7. Connect the phone to a PC with OEM date cable. Run install.bat.
  8. Wait for custom recovery to be installed.

2. Make A Pre-Rooted Flashable Firmware For 10.7.A.0.222 FTF

  1. Downloadlatest 10.7.A.0.222 FTF for your device and place it anywhere on your PC.
  2. You can either create a Sony Xperia Pre-rooted firmware file with PRF creator, or you can download ready-made pre-rooted firmware from one of these links:
  1. C6602 Pre-Rooted 10.7.A.0.222 Firmware Download ||
  2.  C6603 Pre-Rooted 10.7.A.0.222 Firmware Download


2.    Root and Install Recovery on Z C6603, C6602 5.1.1 10.7.A.0.222 Lollipop Firmware

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Turn it on
  3. Press volume up or down repeatedly.  This will bring you to custom
    • If you have TWRP recovery,
      1.  Tap on Install then scroll to the bottom and select the pre-rooted file.
      2. When you have selected the file, swipe your finger left to right at the bottom to flash the file
      3. When the file is flashed, reboot the device
    • If you have CWM recovery
      1. Select Install Zip>Choose Zip from SD card.  Find the pre-rooted firmware zip file and select yes to begin flashing.
      2. When flashing is finished, reboot your phone.
  1. Verify that you have root access by using an app such as Root Checker.

Have you rooted and installed recovery on your Sony Xperia Z? Share your experience in the comments box below. JR

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