How To: Root and Install CWM/TWRP On Xperia Z Ultra 14.6.A.1.236 Firmware

Xperia Z Ultra

Sony has a habit of releasing many updates for the devices in their Xperia lineup.  These updates are aimed at improving the stability and security of their devices and contain fixes for bugs.


For example, Sony updated their Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and then Android 5.1.1. Lollipop.  Soon afterwards another update, still based Android 5.1.1 but with build number 14.6.A.1.216 was released.  This one had a fix for the Stagefright bug found in Android 5.1.1. Yet another update was released just a few days back still based on Android 5.1.1 with build number 14.6.A.1.236.  This latest update was meant to fix other minor bugs and enhance device performance.

If you’ve been keeping up with these updated from Sony, you might find that your device’s performance does improve but you will also lose root access – if you had it.  In this guide were going to show you how you can gain or regain root access on a Xperia Z Ultra after updating to 14.6.A.1.236 firmware.  We will also show you how to get CWM or TWRP custom recovery.

Prepare your phone

  1. The methods we use here only work with a Sony Xperia Z Ultra C6802, Z Ultra C6806 and Z Ultra C6833.  Using this guide with others device could brick the device.  Check device model number by going to Settings>About Device.
  2. Charge battery to at least over 60 percent. This is to prevent you from running out of power before process is done.
  3. Back up important contacts, SMS messages and call logs. Back up important media files by copying to a PC or Laptop.


Note: The methods needed to flash custom recoveries, roms and to root your phone can result in bricking your device.  Rooting your device will also void the warranty and it will no longer be eligible for free device services from manufacturers or warranty providers.  Be responsible and keep these in mind before you decide to proceed on your own responsibility.  In case a mishap occurs, we or the device manufacturers should never be held responsible.


Rooting And Installing CWM/TWRP Recovery On A Xperia Z Ultra Running 14.6.A.1.236 Firmware

Note: If you already have custom recovery on your phone, you can skip the downgrading and just flash the pre-rooted .236 fimware file directly onto your phone.

  1. Downgrade to .108 Firmware and root device
  2. .If you upgraded your device to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, you will need to downgrade. Your device needs to be running KitKat OS and be rooted before we proceed.
  3. Install .108 firmware.
  4. Root
  5. Install XZ Dual Recovery.
  6. Enable USB debugging mode.
  7. Download latest installer for Xperia Z Ultra (
  8. Connect device to a PC with a OEM date cable.
  9. Run install.bat.
  10. Wait for custom recovery to be installed.

2. Make A Pre-Rooted Flashable Firmware For .236 FTF

  1. Download the appropriate file for your device:
  1. Download
  1. Use PRF Creator to create a pre-rooted firmware file. Copy this file to the internal storage of your device.
  2. Root and Install Recovery
  3. Turn device off.
  1. Turn it back on.  Then press the volume up or down buttons repeatedly to bring you to custom recovery.
  2. Click install and find pre-rooted flashable firmware file.
  3. Tap on file to install.
  4. Reboot device and check you have SuperSu in its app drawer.

Have you rooted and installed custom recovery on your Xperia Z Ultra?

Share your experience in the comments box below.


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