Reviewing The Game Leo’s Fortune

Game Leo’s Fortune Review

Leo, the cute fluffball in the game Leo’s fortune, is well known for his blue fur and stylish mustache. The story goes this way: Leo is a rich fluffball when all of a sudden, all of his gold was stolen. But the thief made a mistake of leaving a trail of coins leading to Leo’s fortune. The challenge is for you to navigate the danger-filled paths until you finally reach the treasure.


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Leo’s Fortune is basically a side-scrolling platform incorporated with some physics-based puzzles. The game stands out because it is amusing by nature and also let you think. There are various obstacles and traps in each level while you are simultaneously picking up the trail of gold. The next level is available only if you finish the current one


There are three challenges (all optional) per level: the first is to collect all the gold, the second is to not die, and the third is to complete the level in a given time. The three challenges gives you a star, which you can collect to reveal the bonus stages.


The puzzles are fun but are quite easy to solve. It’s specifically enjoyable to listen to Leo’s eastern European accent and his intones as he says “It’s some kind of puzzle!” The puzzles usually involve moving boxes from one place to another so that you get to activate a lever. The others make you control a machine that moves weights. There’s a new twist in every puzzle, so you find yourself looking forward to it.


There are also some levels that focus on the platform and the challenge of avoiding spiky objects. At first it is difficult to control the near-weightless jumps of the protagonist, but you’ll get used to it as you play.




All in all, Leo’s Fortune has 20 campaign levels. The story is simple and is provided at the start when you load up the game, and it’s actually an intelligent tactic as the game uses this time to download additional resources while you’re reading the story.




Game Controls

Leo’s Fortune is not as sensitive as other precision platformer in terms of miniscule miscalculations. There are always alternative ways such as puffing up Leo like a balloon or maneuvering again so that you don’t accidentally land on spiky objects. The controls are simple: all you have to do is slide left and right on the screen’s left side. Leo inflates like a ball when you drag up the right side of the screen; while dragging down makes you accelerate as you dive downward. The controls effectively allow you to manage your depth in underwater areas of the game. It’s also possible to enable buttons.



The graphics look incredibly realistic, plus it has detailed textures. Even the weather and lighting are accurate, all in all providing a great user experience. Leo’s Fortune also uses layered foreground and backgrounds, so the visual experience is excellent.





It’s easy to distinguish one environment from another because there are only a ton of levels. There’s no way you’d get bored with the environment or traps because everything is continuously evolving.


The verdict

The game will be released on July 10 for a very small and affordable price of $4.99. Leo’s Fortune has no in-app purchases. The game can be finished in a few hours given that it only has 20 levels. The main challenge is the collecting of stars. A hardcore mode is also available – this one has no extra lives so if you die once, you’d have to start again at the beginning.


It’s something worth considering. The only downside is the limited levels, but hopefully the game developer would work something out to expand the game.


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