Reviewing the Asphalt 8 Game

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Asphalt 8 Game Play Review


In less than nine years, Gameloft has successfully launched eight Asphalt games – and as such, Asphalt 8 is expected to be one of the best racing games to ever exist. It may not be that in reality, but it is still definitely a game that is worth trying even for casual gamers, as it is in the top-tier of Android gaming. To pay only $1 for the game is super worth it – not only does it have an amazing presentation, but it also has that incredible Hot Wheels physics, and of course, the cars. There are several in-app purchases available but it’s completely up to you if you’d want to invest some money for it. Purchasing not required to obtain all the upgrades and the cars in the entire gameplay – and that’s the beauty of this game.It’s worth it to spend $1 for this game. Just make sure that you have a good hardware to match the experience.

Asphalt 8 as “Unreal Racing”

Asphalt’s kind of racing gearing more towards the “unreal” kind, unlike the Real Racing of EA, which, based on its title alone, is more authentic and true to real-life race car driving. Some of the reasons why Asphalt 8 Game called “unreal racing”:
– The city and country tracks and populated with traffic. Which racing event does that?
– Aerial stunts
– Nitro boost system

Asphalt 8 Game

One criticism…

Asphalt 8 is almost a duplicate of Burnout, which is obviously its inspiration. It contains several similar elements such as the out-of-this-world physics, the knockout mode, the camera that hovers on the environment and eventually crashes, the infected mode (which inspired by… zombies!), and the music that fades out when your car jumps. In short, Asphalt is lacking in originality, and is almost, if not, a replica of what other games are already offering.


But despite this criticism, Asphalt 8 is still very enjoyable because it delivers the entire gameplay well. It ensures that players will have a good time passing through the tracks, jumping an unrealistic height, and smashing into your opponents, among others. There are several parts in the game where your car will jump, so a good portion of your gaming experience is actually airborne while your opponents remain on the ground (zzz). Doing so will give you Nitro boost, which can also be earned by barrel rolling or flat spinning. The boost is quite easy to fill as long as you have the right timing and drift.

Other things to know

  • The game has a campaign mode and a quick race mode, or you can also compete against real people online or through local Wi-Fi play. This adds more competition to the game, and as you know, interacting and competing with real people adds to the thrill experienced by gamers.

  • Asphalt 8 also has a double activation mechanic wherein pressing the “boost” button once will make you go faster while pressing the “boost” button twice will let you go much faster for a shorter period of time.

  • A tertiary boost can be earned if you successfully get the right timing in activating the boost. So Asphalt 8 Game is really more than just a racing game – it also involves strategy as you estimate the correct timing and master the mechanics. This will eventually be your key to victory… or to failure.

– Currently only 9 tracks in Asphalt 8 for the duration of the game, but despite this limited selection, Gameloft gives you more variety. You can drive through Monaco, or the Alps, or even to a live space shuttle launch where a wrong jump could cause you to smash into the space shuttle. It would have been preferable to have more tracks, but the existing ones are challenging enough as it is.
– You also have a wide selection of cars from hatchbacks to the dream machines. There are 47 cars in 5 classes which are all split into weird divisions that are not really reflective of how it is in real life (like the entire game).

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