Review on Sprint LG G3

 Sprint LG G3 Review

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LG has been successful in producing LG G3 because of it undeniable success it has reached the top, it is the phone which is downright compared with the high end finest smart phones including Galaxy S5, HTC one or any other top notch phones that hit your mind.

The finest carrier companies like Verizon, sprint and AT&T are currently having this phone but there is slight difference with each carrier but our focus will be on Sprint LG G3 and we will pay closer attention to the subtle differences that are apparent in LG G3 with this carrier company.


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  • Sprint has made the Gold LG G3 exclusive by having it on the lock down. Fortunately the Gold is not one of that excessively ostentatious Gold it is contrasted with silver on the edges and on speaker along with the earpiece giving a subtler look to it.
  • There is an another option of metallic black but then again that will be bland and Sprint does not have a white LG G3 to offer unlike Verizon and other carrier companies.
  • The outlook of the phone is similar to the other carrier’s phone; there is only a color difference.
  • Sprint has not even put up their own logo in any of the phones.
  • The inside is also similar with snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz processor with 32 GB storage and 3GB RAM. There are no options of wireless charging so you will have to look out for the Qi charging.


Lg 3

  • LG G3 supports LTE services which makes it work at much faster speed.
  • LTE footprint has also been expanded in Sprint; Places that were previously 3G are now LTE.
  • It has been said that Sprint LTE speed is faster than that of HSPA+ offered by both AT&T and Verizon. The download and upload are quick and much faster with the speed of 5mbps to 10mbps.
  • Sometimes while downloading the speed may go up to 15 mbps but in upload it will not ever cross 10 mbps.
  • If you move to less crowded or scarcely populated area then you may encounter 20 mbps as well.
  • Unfortunately the network department has not improved a lot sometimes you will drop down from 10 mbps to 1 mbps within no time. It is pretty slow for our usual activities like streaming music, video or using hotspot.
  • The 3G indicators i.e. the LTE and 3G icons on the status bar are so huge and ugly no one would prefer to have such huge indicators up on the status bar.



  • The network thing has also affected the battery life if I have my 3G on my battery will drain before I go to sleep it won’t work for 24 hours which is definitely infuriating.
  • Same is the case with LTE if LTE is working it will consume battery at much higher rate.


Wi-Fi Calling:

Lg 4

  • Sprint has an option of Wi-Fi calling in its LG G3. It will not be something out of the box for those who have come from brand T mobile phones to sprint however those who have switched from AT&T or Verizon will have a different prospect and will definitely find it new and engaging.
  • All you have to do is to turn it on by going in the setting give the proper address of where you want to call.
  • It is a good feature only if you have steady and fast Wi-Fi connection but if it is disturbing and does not have a good speed it will most certainly be of no use.
  • Sprint has also made the feature available out of states for those who are travelling and do not want VOIP services can easily benefit from this one.


LG 5

  • First let look at the in- built apps by Sprint on its LG G3. Sprint has a total of 22 pre installed apps and the list is as follows
  • 1Weather
  • Amazon
  • BaconReader
  • Box
  • eBay
  • Eureka Offers
  • Lookout Security
  • Lumen Toolbar
  • Messaging+
  • Nascar Mobile 2014
  • NBA Game Time
  • NextRadio
  • Scout
  • Spotify
  • Sprint Family Wall
  • Sprint ID
  • Sprint Money Express
  • Sprint Music Plus
  • Sprint TV & Movies
  • Sprint Worldwide
  • Sprint Zone
  • ThinkFree Viewer

LG 6

No one would like to have so many apps in their devices

Pre installed so you do not have to worry because you can easily get rid of them if you do not want it 16 of them have the uninstall option so that you can completely get rid of them, the last three apps can be disabled which only leaves three more apps and you can either deal with it or think of another way to get it off your hands. One more downer when it comes to Sprint LG G3 is neither you can delete the volume slider and nor you can insert brightness slider. The software performance is up to the par no bugs, crashes and lags.

LG 7


Conclusively, the bottom line is the choice of having Sprint is your carrier is fine because you will not regret having it truly. You can work with gigantic network icons but if there is something not right with the performance it infuriates and overshadows the good parts which are not the case with sprint.

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