Review On Motorola Battery Packs

Here is The Review On Motorola Battery Packs

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Motorola has come up with a new tactic to step up their game and after the release of Moto X they have started giving out other accessories as well like speakers, headset and now the power pack batteries. This step taken by Motorola has increased their market and is targeting a lot of consumers because if someone is looking for a new cellphone and stumbles upon Motorola’s site he/ she will definitely come across these extra accessories and they might as well buy few of them which can be highly profitable for the manufacturers.

The Motorola battery packs or power packs released alongside MOTO X and MOTO G, these battery packs are nowhere near the usual ones it has an integrated Bluetooth and works on a very efficient hardware providing two way locating services and an exciting interface. Let us take a closer look at it and see  what does this battery pack brings to the users.

  • Design and outlook


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  1. Starting off with the outlook of these battery packs, Motorola is offering a range of enticing colors from lime yellow to textured blacks and white which are really pleasing to the eyes.
  2. However the top of the power packs are white giving them a strong sense of contrast.
  3. The design/ outlook of power packs are very efficient with a top cover which when opened reveal the micro USB port to charge the cellphone.
  4. The cover that you open can be tucked or attached at the bottom so you don’t lose it.

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  1. There is a LED light that glows up when the cellphone is charging.
  2. There is another port which is used for charging the pack itself however you can also charge your smartphones with it.
  3. It has 1500 mAh of power that is enough for charging your cellphone.
  4. Even while using some of the phone will charge up to 30 percent if you connect it to the pack and use it at the same time example the nexus phones.
  5. If your charging port on the cellphone is at the bottom then it is a pretty handy device to use and charge your phone while still using it.
  6. However for those with the battery port at the top of the phone will face some issues.
  7. It is a nice portable device to use without any cable hanging out from it.
  • Features:

  1. The size of the power pack is 41 x 17 x 60mm which is not very small but still it is the size of your house keys and you can clip your power pack to them and take them anywhere whenever you move out.
  2. The most important feature of power pack is the Bluetooth integration which is not available in the normal usual ones; it can easily get connected with your phone via Bluetooth and can offer some very great features.
  3. With the connection via Bluetooth you can easily get to know about how much of the battery is left in your power pack.

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  1. Or if you have misplaced it you can easily see its location through Motorola connect app, if it’s in the Bluetooth range and can tap on the last location on the map or double press on your pack to ping the phone as well.
  2. For some users power pack may still feel pretty big to carry and they might not even like carrying it around very much.
  3. However its feature to function as a trusted device and keeping your phone unlocked when in reach may just be enough for the price it is.



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Honestly  40$ for 1500 mAh may not be enough for most of the people but with its added features and if we consider it as a secondary device then Motorola has really thought it through and have added real value to a basically throwaway product but with all the features it has to offer giving it  try is a must.

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