Review On Camera’s Of The Leading Smartphone Companies

Introducing The Review On Camera’s Of The Leading Smartphone Companies

Progressions in smartphone’s ability to take photography is transforming everybody into photographer and keeping in mind the fact that taking an extraordinary photograph isn’t just about the gadget you utilize Both the leading smartphones i.e. Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 speak to the top end of what’s accessible regarding cell phone camera technology, giving you a lot of options and potential to work with when saving the precious moments that matter to you the most. However we need to see whether GS 6 camera is better than iPhone or iPhone takes the lead when it comes to camera. Let us take a look at it through following angles given below.


Testing method:


The reason of comparing both phones is to see which camera works the best under grilling circumstances and click amazing pictures in every single mode. For this we captured some pictures using Olympus ELP-5’s camera with f/1.8 focal length and 25mm lens. The Samsung’s setting was changed to the aspect ratio of 4:3 to match that of iphone’s and Olympus camera. The pictures may be different due to the shot sizes and focal lengths both of the pictures taken will be displayed side by side so that the changes can be easily witnessed.



When pictures are taken in broad daylight there is a very fair chance that they turn out to be good. Smartphones have the strong ability genuinely to capture the well –lit scenes. However the difference will occur if the white balance is not set according to the scenes, and if the contrast is poor and sharpening is improper, but if all these elements are amazingly set then the pictures captured will be accurate and very pleasing. Shooting in HDR mode can also fix a lot of issues here are few examples of pictures taken from the Samsung and Iphone’s camera on the left side the pictures are taken from the Samsung camera and on the right the same picture is taken from iphone’s camera.




If the pictures are taken on their own the photographer may not be able to pin point the difference but when they are put together the differences are clearly visible. Following are the differences seen in the above clicked pictures

  • Starting off with the white balance which is opposite in both the pictures. Samsung tends to take much warmer pictures whereas the pictures taken from IPhone are cooler. Warmer pictures appeal most to the people
  • When it comes to sharpness even in shadows Samsung was able to click much more sharp and vibrant pictures as compared to that of IPhone.
  • Although some of the pictures taken by Samsung are bit over saturated and iPhone managed to have much cooler and natural effect.
  • Pictures taken from Samsung fulfilled each and every condition; they were warm, vibrant with good lighting and sharpening.


When there is no light or less light large camera sensor will always work but in smartphone in order to make up for the optical image stabilizer which lowers the shutter speed and camera movement.

Galaxy has OIS whereas iPhone doesn’t; following are the pictures that will show the differences between pictures taken in minimal light by both cameras



  • Galaxy again has an upper hand when it comes to low light pictures because of its hardware and the inclusion of OIS; it also has a very fast lens that allows us to take picture at low shutter speed and ISO.
  • It is very evident that Samsung took much better pictures with good colors and less noise however IPhone has a slower lens which leads to faster shutter speed high ISO making pictures noisier and with low contrast.
  • The white balance difference is still there where GS6 produced warmer pictures IPhone steered towards much cooler ones
  • GS6 also went overboard in couple of shots making it too bright that it seemed like a day time shot.
  • On the other hand IPhone had no options taking darker pictures which are grainy.
  • GS6 has outdone IPhone is almost every low light situation clicking the pictures in brighter, smoother with epic contrasts retaining the low light condition.


The photo results are definitely significant but the software and camera interface are equally important. Samsung has done a fair job when it comes to camera interface however IPhone is still upgrading and adding new features in IOS 8 update. Following are some key features of both the cameras


  • Samsung has a lot of options, it lets you tweak around the settings and also allows you to change the resolution, grid lines and a lot of other things.
  • There is a Pro mode available that allows you to that set the ISO, focal length, white balance and shutter speed as you wish, it is more of a customized mode that works on how you want your settings to be.
  • CAMERA A12


  • IPhone 6, is very basic and simple to use, there are no complicated settings except viewfinder and gridlines. You can change the filters with just a simple swipe now may it be a time lapse or panorama IPhone 6 makes it easier.
  • In auto mode both the phones will show the finest results but when it comes to some advance setting only Samsung offers it users to play around with much more advanced settings.
  • People usually steer clear from going deep into camera settings and prefers to stick to the auto mode.
  • Android allows it users to share the pictures directly through the camera to any app that claims to showcase the shared pictures.
  • However in IPhone 6 you are restricted to only couple of apps or you have to get out of the camera in order to share them.
  • GS6 is a bit ahead of IPhone 6 in loading the camera app two clicks on the home button will lead you to the camera app even if your smartphone is locked but in IPhone you will have to go through the complete procedure i.e. unlocking the phone going to the control settings and then opening up the camera. In smartphones every second is valuable and especially when it comes to mobile photography.


We have taken a closer look at both the cameras and put the pictures taken from both the smartphone side by side and checked them through different modes in the end the conclusion that we came up with is that Galaxy S6 takes much vibrant clear and crisp photographs in day time with correct white balance and during the low light time it managed to take clear pictures as well with the help of optical image stabilizer, the pictures taken are neither too bright nor too cool. They are less noisy with sharp contrast. On the other hand IPhone 6 managed to take realistic natural photos during daytime with cool accurate colors however the pictures are not as bright as that clicked through S6, in low light due to no OIS in IPhone the pictures are noisier and lacks contrast since it has a slower lens much light couldn’t enter the camera affecting the final product. In the end the camera that wins and is more appropriate for usage is that of Samsung with the best result and features possible.


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