Review of the Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick Review

Set-top box is a continuously increasing market with Amazon as one of the leading companies. The Fire TV Stick of Amazon is one indication that the set-top box market is set for more innovations: it’s a Fire TV in an HDMI stick at a much cheaper cost of $25 to $40.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is considerably better than its competitors: it has better performance than the Roku Streaming Stick and has wider variety than Chromecast.

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Why the Fire TV Stick is the best streaming platform

  • The remote of Fire TV can be paired with the Fire TV Stick at a cost of $30. It can also be paired with the Amazon Game Controller
  • Companion app has voice search
  • Can sideload apps that are not in the Appstore through ADB. It can get confusing for those who are not familiar with it, but the process is still direct-to-the-point and easy to muster.
  • Performance is excellent – almost as good as the Fire TV.
  • Can support third-party games



  • Cheaper than competitors. Roku, for instance, costs $99.

Some things to improve:

  • It has no Sev Zero. This was Fire TV’s game title, which basically demonstrates the capacity of Amazon’s set-top box to host a game. It is, however, still great for casual games.
  • …Also no built in Ethernet port. This limits the possibility of integrating the device into a home theater.


  • Has a bit more lag than the Fire Stick. But considering Fire TV’s 2gb RAM and a quad core processor, and Fire TV Stick’s 1 gb RAM and dual core processor, the minimal difference is remarkable.
  • Only 8gb of storage with no capacity for expansion.
  • Nothing related to Google and HBO GO. This limitation is where Roku exceeds Amazon – it is the only company that allows not only Google Play Movies and HBO, but also Amazon Prime to operate in the system.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a top-of-the-line product that exceeds both the consumers’ expectations and the competing products. There are several features crammed in a really affordable device, and even for a device running on 1gb RAM and dual core processor, it is fast. You get a lot more than what you pay for.


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