Review of The 6 Finest Android Podcast Apps

The 6 Finest Android Podcast Apps

We are usually using our android smartphones as a great device to listen to all kind of music however nowadays these smartphone are pretty famous for being used to listen to podcasts as well. The podcasts are growing day by day, acquiring the popularity slowly and gradually. Unlike music player apps not all podcast apps are manufactured equally.

It is a great thing for podcasts listeners that android provides several strong options when it comes to podcast. Let us have a look at the finest podcast apps available on android.

Pocket Case:

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  • Starting off with pocket case which is highly familiar and popular among the podcasts listeners.
  • If you are one of those dedicated podcast listeners who go for library, video support, sync and Chromecast support then pocket case is the definite choice for you.
  • It also offers complete control in auto download, notification tray and filters; pocket case is one of the highly featured podcast apps with a lot of options.
  • It is also available on IOS and web, which makes it easier for you to sync your podcasts no matter what device you are using.
  • Pocket case also has an option where you can easily see all the top trending podcasts on different topics.
  • If you are looking for the best podcast app then do not forget to check out the pocket case because it is surely one of the high end apps available in the market.



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  • Beyondpop does not have visual flare like pocket case but it is a very fine app especially after the new update.
  • It has a lot of options, features and a vast library of podcasts to appeal to anyone who shows slight interest when it comes to podcasts.
  • It also has a Chromecast support, cross device sync option along with background downloading.
  • The basic trial version of this app is available for free however the trial version will only work for 7 days.
  • If you really like the app then you can purchase it for 6.99$.

Podcast addict:

podcast 3

  • Podcast addict is a fee no ads app which does not have much visual features but it does have everything else you need.
  • This app will allow you to search up for new material and listen to it. You can search it while using channels and other interests.
  • Podcast app offers you RSS and YouTube feed which is not available in any other fellow podcasts competitors.
  • It also offers Chromecast support.
  • The idea of having a free podcast app is very fascinating however if you care to spend just 2.99$ you will be able to acquire the premium version available.



podcast 4

  • Dogcatcher is one of the finest podcast app and also has won the honor of being the android editor central choice award for being the finest podcast app of the year.
  • The user interface of dog catcher has been updated and improved but it is still a few steps behind its fellow competitors.
  • Its feature of auto download, delete and feed categorization makes it worth a shot.
  • It costs 2.99$ which is a suitable amount for the entire feature it offers.


Player FM:

podcast 5

  • Player FM is one of the most modernized podcast apps with Google new material design rules and principles.
  • Player FM offers cross device sync facility along with the support of Chromecast and android wear this is the app to look out for.
  • It also helps in finding finest quality content available.
  • It is completely a free application unlike other that offers free trials player FM gives off entire service for free.


podcast 6

  • Stitcher is popular as a radio however it does provide podcast services too.
  • You can easily browse and select your favorite channels and merge them together to listen after one and another.
  • You can sign on with the Facebook and google sign on available on this app.
  • It has kept the old look unlike Player FM and pocket casts who are known for their modern look.
  • However it is not a problem for the users that are already been using it for long.
  • The fact that it is a free app makes it whole lot useful and better with loads of feature.

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