Recovering WhatsApp Chat History On Android

How to do Recovering WhatsApp Chat History On Android

WhatsApp has become a useful app for chatting and interacting with others. We regularly check messages in our WhatsApp application.


Because of its popularity, tips on how to go about using WhatsApp have been put up online. This time, this tutorial will help how to recover accidentally deleted messages from the app.


The app is very simple and easy to use. This makes it a favourite app when it comes to messaging.


But because of its simplicity, if you become too careless, you might tap the “Delete Chat” accidentally, when you just meant to tap a different option. Here are the steps to be able to recover the deleted chat.




Recovering Accidentally Deleted Chat History


The messages in WhatsApp are not stored in the servers but in the phone memory. A back up is regularly made for these messages. So you can retrieve them anytime. It is important to know that WhatsApp takes backup at 4 am everyday. It might be impossible to retrieve the messages that were deleted after that time. The backup of the message are stored in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases. You can start retrieving with these steps.


Step 1: Navigate to the Settings > Applications > WhatsApp. Tap the app and go to the “Clear Data” option. A message will pop up. Click Ok to delete the current settings and messages.


Step 2: Open the WhatsApp application this time. The configuration screen will show up. Follow the instructions displayed. As you add the number, a message will appear that says “Backup found”.


Step 3: Tap “restore” to begin the restoration. When the restoration is finished, a message will appear. Tap to continue.




Step 4: The message are now retrieved.


Retrieving Deleted Media Files

In addition, deleting media files like images and videos are not really deleted. They instead just hidden from the chat screen. It is easy to access the files by going to the File manager. Open the WhatsApp folder from there and go to Media. The Images, Videos and Audio folder are there. Open the type of folder you are searching for. These files can also be accessed via the computer using a USB cable.


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