Protecting Your Nexus 4 with the Seido Surface, Active, and Convert Cases

How to protect your Nexus 4

It is particularly worrisome for a lot of people – especially those who are prone to accidentally dropping their phones – that the Nexus 4 is one such device that is glass on both sides. There’s already an accessory for it that helps keep the device scratch-free, but this sort of dual protector is still not sufficient for some. In this kind of situation, the remaining option would be to protect the phone by using a case. Seido is offering three types of cases for the Nexus 4. Let’s have a look at each one:

  1. Surface

Nexus 4

Important things to know about the Surface:
– The Seido Surface costs $35 and is available in five colors (white, black, blue, purple, and red)
– First things first: read the instructions that come with the case. Trust us, it’s necessary. Why? Because unless you want your phone case to have scratches like the one in the photo below, then it’s better to read the guide first.


  • It becomes the lightest among the three cases because it’s really just bits of interlocking plastic that cling to your phone. There are two pieces at the back that lock together so that it is kept in place.


  • It has a metal kickstand at the back and the openings needed for the ports
  • The Surface is ideal to use if you need a lightweight protection for scratches and accidental drops.

2. Active


  • Seido Active costs $35 and comes with a silicone cover for the bottom and an exoskeleton, which is use a thin plastic.
  • The silicone cover is soft and does not hinder with the buttons. It feels very comfortable and pleasant to touch.
  • It also has a metal kickstand at the back. A definite upgrade from the plastic used last year.
  • Moreover, the Active effectively protects the back and corners of your device


3. Convert


  • The Seido Convert is available in two variants. The first one has the Surface and costs $55, while the other comes without the Surface and costs $30.
  • Moreover, the Convert is the most durable among the three Nexus 4 cases. It is something that you can bring with you to battle and not worry about breaking your phone.
  • The extreme toughness of the Convert is a result of the two cases merged together. On the bottom layer use the Surface cover, while on top of it there is the Active.
  • The case also provides a cover for the camera, the charging port, and the headphone jack.



  • You can also remove the “Active” layer (aka the silicone and the exoskeleton) if you choose to, basically leaving you with the Surface case.
  • The downside to the Convert case is that the phone becomes bulky. Understandably so, because of the many layers protecting it already. But if you don’t worry too much about aesthetics and focus more on protecting your phone, then this is the right case for you.

An additional accessory

There are also some people who like having their devices on their sides. Hence, you have the option to buy holsters for your Surface, Active, and Convert case. The holster for Surface and Active costs $30 each, while the holster for the Convert costs $75.


There is a clip at the top of the holster and a lock so that you’re sure that your device won’t suddenly fall.


The verdict

Finally, Seido can once again praise for providing a great phone accessory that functions effectively. The designs of the Surface, Active, and Convert are all great, which is an added bonus – you have a beautifully-made case that protects your Nexus 4. A win-win, as they say.

Have you tried any of those three cases?

Share with us your experiences with it!


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