New Moto G: A Solid Recommendation

The New Moto G:


A lot of customers were elated after unpacking their new Moto G and turning it on. It seemed like this Smartphone captured several hearts and is worth its cost.  It is like there is no way possible that you can go wrong while suggesting someone to spend their money on Moto G because it is surely one of the best recommendations you can ever give out to someone who is in dire need of a good long lasting phone.

According to me whenever someone will come around asking me for an advice on phones specifically about which phone they should buy. Moto G will always be on top of my list and first to recommend certainly.

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Over the period of past couple months I have been on a spree of suggesting Moto G to several people and especially to those who broke their phones and are not willing to spend huge heaps of money on high end devices, those who are looking for phones that would last long and are durable within range. Somewhere between 99$ and 219$ Moto G fulfils the needs and wants of several people. It is one of the finest phone to recommend because you have a clear clue that there is no waiting or making long painful calls after buying this phone.

As the use of smart phones and their popularity increase day by day people are getting to know the reality and the actual cost of the phone and are indeed shock after getting to know this fact. However this is leading to the increase in consumer market of phones like Moto G because now more and more people will get attracted towards the phones and its specification specially its cost.


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The buyers who are not willing to spend 400$ or above on a device should definitely go for a less expensive phone like Moto G which only costs 179$. All of us are afraid that buying a low end phone may bring a lot of disadvantages and we will have to make a lot of compromises which is true in some cases we witnessed where there is LTE but the screen is of low quality, the huge camera is there for attracting people but when people spend their money on it they are nothing but disappointed and this is what steers them away from less expensive phone. The fear of major tradeoffs is the sole reason that is keeping the consumers at bay although this should not be the case.

To be very honest manufacturing a phone under 200$ only calls for the fact that there is limited amount of money which definitely means that no company will cut on their profits that means we are in trouble. However when it comes to Moto G, it has made some very wise decisions in using the money at the correct place which makes us safe from making major compromises while buying the phone. Starting off Moto has made no changes when it comes to the screen, adding a huge battery or LTE connection but it does have the rear camera which definitely takes good quality pictures, it also have a good hardware horse power which does not slow down the phone making the software run smoothly and steadily making the consumer happy and satisfied that they have spend money on a good device and also stayed in the budget.

Motorola had a choice of spending their money on giving Moto G a metallic look like new Moto X or the LTE connectivity option. They could have added a more advance camera but in the end this would have not worth it if the device did not function properly which it does now and better than devices double its price and better than many of it competitors low range phones. So what are you waiting for if you need a phone that is budget friendly and efficient then get your hands on the Moto G and avail its amazing features while staying in the budget.

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