Need Of Standard Water Proofing

The Need Of Standard Water Proofing

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If you are planning the vacations and that too near beaches then taking a waterproof phone with you is a definite requirement. The most amazing fact that smartphone these days are water resistant cover up for the compromises you have to make with rubber cases and flaps over the port. However the fact to wonder about is not every phone released these days are water resistant.

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During vacations especially camping or when you are travelling with large group of people you end up trapped in a lot of accidents like dropping your phone in water or sometimes someone may spill his or her drink on your phone. None of it is intentional but it happens anyways while travelling. When it comes to choosing between which phones the power to endure tough circumstances for me Samsung Galaxy S5 has always rises to the top of my list. I carry my nexus as well but its hidden somewhere deep inside the safe pockets of my bag. According to my own personal experience after going on a camping trip , around me all sorts of accidents happened drinks were spilled, tables sprang and sometimes just to have fun people push you in the nearby waterfall or lake and at that point in time you may never even think of  placing your phones tucked away somewhere more safe, moments like these happen spontaneously and while experiencing these moments if you are carrying a phone that cannot or do not have the ability to fight water or any other accidental hazards then the end result will be disheartening and disappointing.

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However while I was on my camping trip with my friends I did not even once cared about my S5 because I had a fare clue that no matter what may it be a spilled drink or even if it is raining like cats and dogs my S5 will make it and will not leave me disappointed. While travelling each and every moment can be surprising for you and you may have a need to capture it so that you can look back and feel the moment once your trip is over. However this is certainly not possible if your phone is not water resistant. I was pretty scared because I did not want my phone to be wet or be under any circumstantial hazards but then again S5 easily made it through the trip fighting through the hardships and that is when is realized how important it is to have a water resistant phone by you.

Song and Kyocera are leading the race of the water resistant phones for now, Samsung has also started following their tracks and trying to catch up. It is a high time that manufacturers of other leading smartphones realize the fact that how significant it is to carry a water proof smartphone.

The fact that people do not want to prefer other phones just because they have water resisting ability, we have entered a technically advanced era the cost of making a phone water proof will be negligible as compared to the loss they can face if people start buying other phones just because they do not want to lose their data. Few tradeoffs for a perfectly functional waterproof phone is acceptable. It is time for every smartphone leading company to add this technology in their bucket list so that people are no more afraid of getting their phones wet.

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