What To Do: If You Keep Getting “com.samsung.faceservice has stopped” Error On A Samsung Galaxy Device.

Fix “com.samsung.faceservice has stopped” Error On A Samsung Galaxy Device

Samsung’s line of Galaxy devices are great, high-performing gadgets, but they are not without their errors and bugs.  Often times, users of a Galaxy device find that they face one or two errors they’ve never faced before after installing the latest available update for their device.  Most of the time’s the next update will contain a fix for these common errors, but developers and Android enthusiasts also often develop their own fixes even before Samsung does.

In this post, we are going to show you how you can fix an error that can occur on Samsung’s line of Galaxy devices.  This is the error of getting “com.samsung.faceservice has stopped.”  This error tends to occur after updating the device to Android 6.0.1 Lollipop.  Follow along with our guide below to fix your Galaxy Device if it keeps getting this error.

How To Fix  the Unfortunately “com.samsung.faceservice has stopped” Error on a Samsung Galaxy Device:

  1. The first things you are going to have to do is to go to and open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  2. From the settings menu, find and then tap on the More tab.
  3. From the more tab, find and then tap on Applications Manager.
  4. After tapping Applications Manager, select the option All Applications by swiping to the left.
  5. After selecting All Applications and swiping to apply it, you should then see a list of all the apps that you currently have installed on you Samsung Galaxy device.
  6. Find and tap on your Camera app.
  7. After tapping you Camera app, you should be presented with a list of options. Tap on the options to clear cache and to clear data.
  8. Afterwards, you will now need to go back to the All Applications menu.
  9. From the All Applications menu, find and select the Gallery option.
  10. From the Gallery option, find and then tap on clear cache and then on clear data.
  11. After clearing the Gallery cache and data, you will need to go back to your home screen.
  12. After you have returned to your home screen, restart your Samsung Galaxy Device.

You should have now fixed the problem but, if you haven’t, you will need to install an app called Package Disabler Pro.


Package Disabler Pro (Samsung)

Developer: policedeveloper

Price: $1.95


After the app is installed, you will need to disable com.samsung.faceservice.

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Have you fixed this error in your Samsung Galaxy device?

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