Is it advisable to buy Moto X on discounted rates?

Is it advisable to buy Moto X

Motorola’s hundreds of discounts in its gadgets is the possible indication of age, Moto has recently opened an opportunity for the buyers residing in U.S to go to the mobile stores and get their hands on anyone for around 300$. However today it has been made possible to acquire a Moto X for at a very cheap rate i.e. 229 pounds. The Moto X was launched at the rate 500$ and this price now is significantly lower than its original price. Let us take a closer look and see all aspects of it.



         It’s been a year since Moto X was launched and now when most of the users were looking for the new Moto X there was no sign of any. However the sudden drop in its cost price caused a lot of uproar in mobile market. After the discount in Moto X’s price it has now turned into a possible competitor for other middle priced phones like one plus one which is also a year old smartphone which costs (250$ +) and now is finally available without the irritating invite feature. However there are few more smartphones in this competition including Asus Zenfone 2 which now costs (299$+) and alcatel one touch which is $250.

Though all of these phones may match the price rate but they have their own significance. One plus may look like Moto X when it comes to the hardware but it is larger in display size i.e. 5.5 inch. One plus Cyanogen software is close to google android phone as well. Whereas Alcatel is concerned it is pretty different with less specifications thought the performance is pretty good overall. The manufacturers have also made marked changes in its software but then again it is very similar to stock lollipop.

Over on the ASUS side, the Zenfone 2 goes full scale with a top of the line Intel processor, a large display size and battery with some great camera tweaks and tricks. You’ll need to survive with ASUS’ programming skin however, which isn’t as simple  as vanilla Android.

However none of that considers Moto Maker — Motorola’s smartphone customization administration, and something its pushing as a differentiator as it released this product in significantly more markets. Motorola’s concept of Android — sprinkled with its own powerful programming and software like Moto Display — is likewise similar to Google’s vision of the OS

There’s additionally something to be considered for the Moto X’s metal-surrounded case as compared to a great extent plastic rivalry and to say nothing to the phones with leather cases and wooden ones which are made to target smaller markets. It’s not a perfect phone either consumers will have to compromise here as well however The Moto X had two or three major shortcomings at time of its release,  To begin with , there’s no getting away from the 2,300mAh, its battery limit is on the low side for a smartphone of this size, and battery life will inescapably mirror that. Similarly with the camera which is a usual 13mp without any optical image stabilization. Considering the phones nowadays it is not as great if we compare it to the finest releases from LG and Samsung.

Whenever you go for mid-range phones there is a definite compromise to be made and when it comes to Moto X the compromise is very apparently the camera and the battery life which cannot out do the top notch phones of Samsung and LG. However there are a lot of advantages with a price this low you have tons of customization options along with vanilla android and promising updates. Also there are features like Moto Display and Moto Voice that adds to the phone and contributes a lot in making it enticing.

These are few points that are needed to be look upon once you are buying a  mid-range phone and thinking if it is all worth it or not.

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