How To: Install Screen Off Memo From The Galaxy Note 5 On A Note 3, Note 4 And Note Edge

The Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 5 was launched by Samsung this August.  It has new and useful features. One nice and new feature in particular of the Galaxy Note 5 is the Screen Off Memo.

If a Galaxy Note 5 is locked and you pull out the S Pen, you will get Screen Off Memo. With this, you can use the S Pen to make and save a note on your phone even without locking the screen.

If you have the older Note series such as the Note 3, Note 4 or Note Edge, you can follow along with our guide below to get Screen Off Memo.

Install Galaxy Note 5’s Screen Off Memo On A Galaxy Note 3, Note 4 & Note Edge

1: The first thing that you will need to do is download the Screen Off Memo APK file.

2: Put the downloaded file on your device or copy the downloaded file to your device after you have downloaded it on your PC.

3: Open a file manager program on your Galaxy Note 3, Note 4 or Note Edge and the locate the APK file you downloaded of Screen Off Memo.

4: Tap on the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions in order to install it.

5: When the application is installed, open the app once from the device’s app drawer. This step is important in order to run the application on your device.


6: Now, turn off your device’s screen. Pull out the S Pen and you will find the Screen Off Memo feature working on your Note 3, Note 4 & Note Edge.

7: To check that the application will work, go to  Settings>Security>Device Administrator and activate Screen Off Memo.


Have you got Screen Off Memo on your device?

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