How To: Install Robocop Mobile Game v 1.0.4 MOD APK To Start Playing With Unlimited Money

Last updated: July 1, 2020.

Install Robocop Mobile Game v 1.0.4

Game developer Glu’s latest action game for Android devices is based on the newest version of the Robocop movie.  The Robocop mobile game allows you to play as Robocop to protect the streets of Detroit and save its citizen’s from gangsters.

The Robocop game for Android devices has a similar storyline to the upcoming Hollywood movie and it is dubbed by Glu.  Glu is also responsible for other popular games for Android devices such as DeerHunter and Frontline Commando.

In the movie and the game, the story starts out in 2028 Detroit where Alex Murphy, a loving husband and father as well as a good cop gets critically injured while in the line of duty.  After his injury, multinational conglomerate OmniCorps, see’s Murphy as a prime candidate for their program to create the ultimate police officer – part man and part robot.

The game picks up after OmniCorp has transformed Murphy into Robocop, the ultimate law enforcement officer.  As Robocop, you battle human crooks and robot enemies = including the EM-208 and ED-209, which appear in the film.  As you play, you can upgrade your weapons and your robotic suit in order to pursue your ultimate goal of defending the good citizens of Detroit and keeping the street safe.

You get weapons and suit upgrades by gathering money and coins as the game goes on.  However, we’re found a modded version of the Robocop game which starts you out with unlimited money and coins.  With no limits, you can buy any weapon you want, unlock power ups and play the game for as long as you want.

Interested? Follow our guide and install this modded APK on your device to start playing Robocop with unlimited money and coins.

Download & Install Robocop with Unlimited Money:

      • Download RoboCop v.1.0.4 MOD APK + Data
      • Extract downloaded folder.
      • Copy com.glu.robocop folder to phone’s internal storage > Android > Obb.
      • Install  APK on your phone.
      • Allow unknown sources if asked.
      • Select Package Installer if asked.
      • Complete  installation.
      • Open game and start playing with unlimited money.


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