How to Install the Galaxy S6 Edge Theme Engine on a Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4

Install the Galaxy S6 Edge Theme Engine

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge had been the talk of the town since its manufacturer released it. One of the most talked about feature of these latest devices is the Theme Engine. This lets the users modify the entire design of the device, and basically lets the Android (TouchWiz) smartphone to look like a stock Google smartphone. This has been much to the joy of Android users – and the good news for Samsung device owners is that this highly praised Theme Engine of the S6 series can now be installed on the Galaxy Note 4, as well as the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5.


This step by step guide will teach you exactly how enable the Galaxy S6 theme engine on the mentioned Samsung flagship devices.  Before proceeding with the procedure, here are some notes that you have to consider:

  • This step by step guide will only work for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Your device should have TouchWiz and must have Android Lollipop
  • Your device needs to have root access and a root browser. The root browser can be downloaded here
  • Set the permissions on your root browser to rw-r-r- for all APK files
  • Install BusyBox Script through the BusyBox application. Download the BusyBox app here
  • Have an UnZipper application such as WinRAR
  • Download the Lollipop Themes enabler here


Step by step guide to enable the Samsung Galaxy S6 theme engine on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S5:

  1. Open BusyBox and install the BusyBox Script
  2. Unzip your downloaded Lollipop Themes enabler
  3. Open your Root Browser
  4. Open the folder where you unzipped your Lollipop Themes enabler. You should be able to see two folders named app and csc
  5. Open the app folder
  6. On your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4, or Galaxy S5, go to System then click App. Copy the contents of the app folder here.
  7. Allow set permissions
  8. Open the csc folder
  9. Open System, click csc, then copy the xml file called theme_app_list
  10. Go to System and press etc directory. Press edit. Click and hold the xml file called floating_feature
  11. Look for the string code:




  1. Add the string code in between the code. Theme v2.




  1. Save the file and close your root browser
  2. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4, or Galaxy S5


Congratulations! You can now enjoy the Galaxy S6 theme engine on your Samsung device! To do so, just tap and hold on any area in your home screen and look for themes.


If you have additional questions about this easy step by step process, do not hesitate to ask through the comments section below.



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