Important Tips And Tricks For The Google Maps App On Your Smartphone

Here is The Important Tips And Tricks For The Google Maps App On Your Smartphone

We have great deal of information present on google map and if it has not occurred to you yet that we are providing you all the information about this app ranging from the primary use of the app to the more complicated use of it. This post will deal with the most important tips and tricks among which some of them may turn out to be life saver for you however others might just open new options and help you in exploring the app more. Following are the few points that will help you in using the app more efficiently.



  • While you are searching for places on Google Map, you are always given a choice among different routes.
  • Sometimes it happens that you are acquainted with the area, or you prefer to take one route over another. However there are time when it does not really matter how you get to your location but the only thing you want is to get there efficiently.
  • All you have to do is press the blue button for a long time after selecting your desired location. Google map will then start navigating to the place you want to go from your current location and will opt for the possibly fastest and efficient route.
  • There is no need of messing around with any settings, all you need to do is press the blue button for some time and just go.






  • Sometimes it happens that we are looking for the place going through the map or finding directions to the place you want to go.
  • But with the feature called dropping the pin you can actually save the location as your start or ending point even if it not technically a place in Google Maps.
  • All you are required to do is press anywhere on map and that too for a longer period of time and drop a pin that will save the location or you can use it as start or ending point of your navigation.






  • If you liked the new restaurant open in your city or may be some restaurant your friend asked you to visit, or a beach spot that you really liked or lastly if you need to know where your car is parked you can always use the star location feature available in google maps and keep a close eye on them.
  • Whether you have a particular place in mind or you are just dropping a pin anywhere, all you have to do is open the bottom bar that will disclose the information regarding the place and you can press on the star to include it in your star locations.
  • The locations marked as starred locations will always come up in suggestion or places to visit if you are somewhere close to that place.






  • Google map can be used in different way, users are mostly used to the pen and zoomed in view of maps however if you want to look at a more flat view all you have to do is swipe two finger up the screen to get acquainted with a different view and a different perspective.
  • You can return to the normal view by swiping two fingers back down.
  • If you want to navigate a specific street swipe you two fingers in a circular motion.
  • To return to the normal view press the compass present on the top right of the screen.


  1. ZOOM-IN:




  • If your one hand is occupied, or if you are eating and walking down the street and you think you have to now navigate your way to the place you want to go.
  • If you do not feel like using both hands to zoom in so there is no need to be stressed because google maps has got you covered here.
  • In place of using both hands and pinching in to zoom in on your location, you can save yourself from all this trouble by just clicking twice on the location which will lead to the zoomed in version.
  • There is one more thing you can do, you can keep on pressing while you make the second press and with the other finger by moving it up and down you can easily zoom in and zoom out.
  • It requires time to get your hands on the zooming option, but once you are used to it then zooming with one hand is a far better option than using both your hands.






  • Mostly people prefer to always have their map seen from the north direction however others may want it to be pointed in the way they are looking.
  • Google Map also has an option for you where you can easily change the mode by pressing the compass which can be seen on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Your phone may not always have a clue about where to point however it can easily find its way out in most of the cases.






  • Google recently introduced the voice command feature, now you can easily get along with your app with much less taps and it can be a great time saver.
  • While riding a bike or driving a car all you have to do is tap on the microphone button and then you get to say your command, the microphone will receive and follow it and you will no longer have to keep on pressing.
  • You can check the voice command features using the following phrases
  • Show the other/ alternate routes?
  • Where is (your desired location)?
  • How is the traffic?

Google map is updating their voice commands and maps on a regular basis.





  • If you have opted for the option that is keeping an eye on your locations, then you can rely on the fact that google has a pretty good idea of where your home and work is and you can confirm that by using Google Now.
  • However if you want to manually add your home and work location then all you have to do is swipe to the left and go to setting add your home and work location.
  • It also has a take me home navigation voice command that will navigate you way to your home.






  • Using public transports like buses subways and cabs are much cheaper option if you are travelling around the city. However you will have to keep the track of their arrival and departure times for that you do not need to make any extra plans or waste your time asking around.
  • Google Maps has a feature available that will let you know about the arrival departure time of the public transport.
  • All you have to do is to put your starting and ending point and once you have completed that you can tap on the options that says depart at and enter the time you wish to leave or check all the times it is leaving
  • If you have a late night hang out plan then you can look for the last possible transit time and avail it.






  • Google Maps also offers an option of primary offline mapping, so now you do not have to fill in your storage space by downloading maps so that you can use them while you are not in reach of an internet connection but you can simply go for the offline mapping.
  • For this all you have to is to click the search bar, look for the location and click on save map to use online.
  • After this you will be able to save the map you want unless it is too huge to be saved.
  • Now whenever you are out of internet’s reach you can always click on the save offline maps and look for the saved map which will be there for 30 days before the app deletes it.
  • Keep this in mind that this offline mapping will give you a basic rough idea about the place without the point of interest or any other option. If you require full offline mapping then you may opt for any other app. However this app is enough to use for basic purposes when you have no connection.

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